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Posted by on 1999 Jun 17 |

Interesting Letter

(Riverhaven, Therengia: 64 Ka’len 358)

I was wandering Riverhaven today, news of the Goblin slavers having roused me to travel there from Theren. I was vaguely in search of the goblins, looking really just for something to do. Following an instinct, I stepped into the warehouse owned by Suanealaena’s Shipping Company. Rumors say that this warehouse is also the Thieve’s Guild. I didn’t see anything unusual, until I stepped into Suanealaena’s office. On the desk, there were papers, and a letter. It was written in the same flowing script as the sign outside, the one that read Suanealaena’s Shipping Company. The ink was still slightly wet. I read the letter, and it said,

"Dearest Knulle, I am pleased to inform you that your latest shipment has arrived. I am free any night this week to meet over dinner to make arrangements for delivery and accept your payment. Yours, Suanealaena Fiarse."

Now, my friend Ketrianna tells me she’d never seen this letter before. I decided not to pick it up, and left it as it was, it should still be there.

As far as I can tell, from what I’ve figured out, this letter relates to the Goblin enslavers. The shipment is probably these very slaves, and I imagine Suanealaena and her friend Knulle will meet in an inn somewhere. Despite my many messages over the gweth, no one came to the warehouse and looked at the letter, but it will probably remain there. I still don’t know where the slaves are being held, but I imagine if someone found Knulle and Suanealaena while they dined, they could be forced to tell us…

Enough of my ranting, I must return to Theren.