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Posted by on 1999 Jul 6 |

Maarrk Arcelebor Leaving the Realms

(Therenborough, Therengia: 140 Shorka 358)

Soon after dawn, just as Baresh was beginning to clean up the bar for the day’s travellers, the heavy wooden door swung in slowly and let in the light and sounds of the outside world. The sudden light was blinding and for a moment all that could be told of the person standing in the doorways was that he had a tail. Walking slowly, as one taking in their surroundings purposefully, the figure entered further into the tavern and approached the bar. As he got closer and the effects of the sudden light faded, it became visible that the patron was a S’kra Mur male in his mid-twenties with green scales and golden eyes.

Smiling toothily at the barkeep he hissed, "Might you possst this for me, Baresssh? It would be mossst appreciated."

Reaching into his simple bag, the S’kra brought forth a few gold coins and an envelope. Giving one last look around, he turned and made his way back to the door.

Stowing the coins and opening the envelope, Baresh found a simple parchment with the following announcement:

"Announcing the departure of Maarrk Arcelebor, former S’kra Mur Paladin of Therengia, to other lands on the day known to most as Saturday, July 10th, at 7:00 EST. In accordance with the graciousness he was shown in his time in Elanthia, he will be giving his wordly possessions away before leaving in search of higher purposes. He will be at El Bain’s Stop in Therengia between Langenfirth and Therenborough to give final farewells. All are invited to come and partake of the available items. Refreshments would be appreciated by all those that attend but are NOT required. Hope to see you there."

Looking up from the parchment, Baresh saw Maarrk passing through the door toward an obviously rented cart on the street outside. As the door swung shut, he was leading the mule pulling the cart down the sun-filled street and out of view.

Baresh raises his hand to his forehead and nods in a silent gesture to the passing paladin.