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Posted by on 1999 Jul 7 |

Recap of the Gorbesh Ship Sighting

(The Provinces: 143 Shorka 358)

A large shadow passes through the door of the Tavern. Baresh notices it makes footsteps and eases slightly when it speaks. "Hello there Baresh" comes the distinct voice of a gor’tog from the shadow in front of him.

The upper part of the shadowsilk cloak falls back, revealing a Gor’tog with a tattoo of a skull covering the green-grey skin of his face. The gor’tog still masked by his tattoo, slips a few gold coins onto the bar from under his cloak and says, "two kegs of taffelberry juice Baresh, have I got a tale to tell ye."

Baresh reaches under the counter and withdraws with a small keg of taffelberry juice in each hand, he hands them to the Gor’tog who quickly stuffs them somewhere in his cloak.

The stranger rests on a barstool, and begins conversing with Baresh, "As you’ve probably heard, about a month ago there were reported sitings of a gorbesh fleet somewhere between the islands of Ratha and Aesry, well it’s true, I was there, here’s the exact accounting of what happened. I had gone to Aesry earlier that week to explore the new crossbow and bow shop, after a few days of hunting Yvhh La’Tami’s for their scaley hides, I saved enough to buy some new crossbow bolts, After that I set off for the pier to the boat ride back to Ratha, well just my luck the Halasa Selhin was just being untied from the dock, I took a running leap, and landed on the withdrawing gangplank, I settled in on the main mast, watching the sailors do their work hoping to learn a few knot tieing tricks."

The gor’tog pulls a mug from beneath his cloak, and proceeds to fill his mug from one of the kegs of juice, he takes a few sips, then continues his story. "So there I was, watching the sailors, I had just started to settle in for a nap, when I heard a horn sound off, I snapped up from my resting place and scrambled to the crow’s nest, and you’ll never believe what I saw, I made a log of it in my journal, have a look Baresh".

The Gor’tog pulls a large dirty journal from inside his cloak, flips through the pages, and sets it on the bar for all to see; Journal entry 4103, S. Derakria. I have just heard the most shocking noise, the sound of a Gorbesh war horn sounding, I am writing the distance and the apparent types of the ships nearby on the horizon as follows; Nearby in the water you see: a Gorbesh Longboat (very far: west), a Gorbesh Longboat (very far: west), a Gorbesh Longboat (very far: west), a Gorbesh Warship (very far: west), a Gorbesh Warship (very far: west), a Gorbesh Scow (very far: west),

a Gorbesh Sailship (very far: west), a Gorbesh Flagship (very far: northwest), end journal entry.

When Baresh had browsed the page of the journal, he stood back, thinking. The gor’tog quickly reclaimed his journal and stuffed it into his cloak with a clatter.

The gor’tog says, "Well, that’s my accounting of those strange ships, they didn’t follow us, they seemed to be heading north by northeast, in a hurry too, Baresh I hope I see them again soon, I ache to kill them, as they killed my friends during the war."

With that, the Gor’tog slips the hood of his shadowsilk cloak up over his face and says, "Thank you for the juice Baresh" He walks out the door, Baresh notices him brandishing a crossbow in each hand from under his cloak as he walks down the short path to the main road.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.