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Posted by on 1999 Oct 9 |

A Tail End

(Crossing, Zoluren: 120 Lirisa 359)

"The scent of the prosecutor drew me back to the amphitheatre, just in time to hear the bailiff indicate court may be slow in starting as some of the jurors had not yet awakened." A two-handed sword graced Fae’s shoulder. He adjusted it’s position from habit by flicking the edge of the greatsword sheath rather than reaching up and touching the hilt.

"It would appear some of the jurors were scared off from the case. I have heard many threats from both sides going around. Anyway the bailiff had to seek out two more unbiased folk to serve on the jury. That elf has an interesting scent." Fae nods slowly once to himself, the peers back up at Baresh, ".. for an elf that is. So .. the trial got off to a slow start. Yes this time there were two empaths on the jury .. new faces and scents, one an elothean and one an elf."

"But even so, you’d think the prosecuting barrister would have better things to do before the trial restarted than carefully shaving his face, removing all traces of his stubble, and leaving it as smooth as a baby’s behind." The expression on Fae’s face was almost unreadable except for the glint of mischieviousness in his eyes."

"The accused arrived before the judge .. and this time I didn’t catch the scent of the dwarf who has been charged with guarding her. The prosecution stunned quite a few by calling upon the Bailiff as his first witness of the day. He may have even addled himself .. as he offered his cane to the judge in evidence instead of the copy of the proclamation he was trying to submit."

"A Kaldaran was arrested in the courtroom amphitheatre for disturbing the peace during the Bailiff’s questioning … An elothean moon mage then got himself arrested for disturbing the peace in the courtroom … and the judge issued a warning that anymore outbursts and the court would be silenced."

"A great many telling questions were asked … but I think your customers may find these few of most interest …" At this Fae brilliantly mimicks the prosecuting barrister and the elven bailff, leaping with alacrity from his easy stance to the barstool to a standing position and back again as his voice changes.

"Could this court be called by any person of Crossings when they see injustice done?"


"Could this court be called by any citizen of Elanthia, no matter where they reside?"


"Could this court be called by anybody, citizen or not?"

"Only by a citizen to my knowledge"

"You could see it on pondering faces Baresh … the question of "how?" but of course none asked, because it would disrupt the court. However … now that the court is not in session …." His grin was again engaging, causing the Prydean to look like the young kit he still was. "Just what is injustice?" Hazel slitted-eyes peer at the barkeep innocently.

Peers at the barkeep, his tail filiping in the air, "What’s samatak Baresh?

"More spectators were arrested for disturbing the court." The soft fur on his nose crinkles as his nostrils twitch. "And the questioning went on. Each side gaining and losing as time passed … a long time. And the longer the time got, the more inclined to decide in favor of the prosecution when it came to objections."

"Then the court seemed to have the abyss break loose in it. After the testimony of a witness was thrown out the elf defender was called in contempt. The empath asked the judge for a new lawyer. The human warrior mage who was the assistant to the elf was declared by the judge as the lead barrister and the elf was ordered to keep quiet throughout the rest of the trial."

"The human then declared to the judge it was a mistrial because the judge was obviously biased. The empath was asked by the judge if she objected to the human warrior mage taking over her defense, and her response was "Do I have much choice?" As the human warrior mage spoke to the judge voicing his frustrations, the judged asked him if he wanted to be held in contempt also."

"The court was called into recess for a few minutes, the jury was called out, and those that were observing could see that the elf was frantically writing out notes for the human to present closing arguments with. The prosecution drank iced blueberry lemonade."

"A softly stated plea by the elf to the judge gained him reinstatement for closing arguments, however, the contempt charges will be dealt with after the verdict has been rendered. A request by counsel to have the empath removed from the court for her protection should she be found not guilty was rebuffed and started the empath on a tirade."

Chortling in rememberance, the kit shifted his weight. "After it all bubbled down, the prosecution again had trouble standing to present his statements. A plate belly had to pull him to standing. Too much lemonade perhaps?"

"Closing arguments were long, and frankly, each barrister was cogent and well spoken. After the arguments the crowd carried on, many vehemently, for the entire time the jury took to deliberate, with opinions flying everywhere." Paces back and forth in front of the bar. "Again the jury took a long time, I’m afraid I have not the information to pass onto you as to what the verdict was."

Heading out the door, the lad glances back over his shoulder at the barkeep, "I still seek to find the dragon … if you hear of anyone that knows of the cave I’m looking for, remember .. information is my talent, for the knowledge I desire, I’ll trade many things I have learned … and may learn." He flicks his tail casually, and winks at another patron as he walks out into the clean air.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.