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Posted by on 1999 Oct 21 |

Cyclops Stomp the Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: Shorka 359)

We of such poor standing and belittling position in the society of our realm have much to fear in our daily travels through the streets of our home town the Crossing, and about is many neighborhoods and outskirts.

Think of us then perhaps if you will, where, we as such poor meagre citizens of this great town ventured out into the wilds. Take a sip there, if you are thirsty. In such wilds, we had ourselves only as such playthings of nature tossed around in the wild tempests thrust upon us by the gods, and misdirected by the whims of the moons.

Think of us, I beg of you, and pay some little less attention to your grog there I can see. We were thrown upon some beasts in the wilds, three of us a dwarf warrior and a mage of some aspiration, his name Jaster. The Dwarf he after slicing up many of our opponents bade farewell. Jaster and I took to the battle, I with little success. Our opponents grew and, our strength dropped, faded and waned.

Bah! Its not just a story about a bruising with some beasts in the wilds. Sit down once more gents and ladies. Our plea for help was answered and comrades took no lengthy time to arrive, dispense with the foes and release us from the grips of our battle to the death.

It was on our return to our home place where we heard a most mighty thunder from around the place we long to ponder upon when we are on our travels. The mighty walls and bold structures of our very birthplace were trembling under a most terrible assault. Such an occurence bestirs the very essence of life in this realm. Our most inner souls were twisted under the attack. We sought not for our own safety but more for the tender safekeeping of our kin and family – such as their precious persons were in great danger.

Close thy mouths now, afore a dragon midge jump into there. I’ll tell the rest. Upon reaching the outer limits of Crossing, we sighted the North East Gate. It looked not perhaps like we are used to, fore the ground beneath us was being torn asunder. There we witnessed a fellow citizen and his own precious arm separated in a simple swipe but a beast your hearts tremble at the mention – the cyclops. This creature bears the height of seven tall buildings piled one upon another. Its many limbs writhe and twist to wreak its evil upon creatures about it. Its tremendous feet as such you have never seen – so broad and huge – they crush the earth beneath them, cracks open up in the ground, and all are struck down about them. Then their weapon a gigantic two handed sword is brought down upon you, and if ye have not the quickness to evade – your end has arrived, and the starry road is close at hand.

I take a breath now, but next will tell you of our bravery, and heroic struggle with the monster cyclops.

We, as you know, mere wanderers of the realm, mere children of Crossing, were in the midst of a struggle to the death with these cyclops beasts. In the midst of our heroic endeavors I fell to the ground, and was helped to safety by my companion Jaster. Thereupon I sought out the Empath’s Guild, were many lay stricken, and as we bravely stood inside, we heard the trembling of the earth around us, and saw the many names of the fallen before our eyes. It was there, that our bravery was called at hand – for outside, the streets were of death.

That is the story of the Cyclops Stomp of the Crossing.