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Posted by on 1999 Nov 22 |

Darkensei and Sadiaer search libraries

(Crossing, Zoluren: Skullcleaver 359)

While the S’lai screamers were busy fighting the Paladins and Barbarians along the North Trade road – I (being new to the realms) did the intelligent action of staying out of the way.

The Town of Crossing was semi-deserted; the Empath and Cleric guilds being filled to bursting; I skulked along the streets – wary of S’lai (one of which I saw just East of the bank) – when I reached the Oxenwaithe Bridge, and stumbled upon Darkensei. He paid no heed to me, but headed straight to the Academy (assumedly to the library).

After sighting him, I headed towards the Paladin guild to alert someone – anyone – who could use a gwethdesuan to send messages. While traversing the roads, I crossed paths with Sadiaer, who was just ahead of me. He entered the Jadewater Mansion, and I lost track of him.

The few inhabitants of the Paladin guild new little of what was happening; the lone occupant of the Barbarian guild and I valiantly (stupidly?) traveled the North road to assist the dead. A deserted town was the perfect opportunity for the followers of Sorrow to enter and search for the Book.