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Posted by on 1999 Dec 6 |

Fireballs and Firerain in Crossing

(Crossing, Zoluren: Dolefaren 359)

"Baresh, a few days back there were terrible times in Crossing." says Merxie looking about anxiously.

"We heard of a battle out the north east gate, and many were trembling about on the safe side of the gate. Bodies of the fallen were being dragged through. We waited there, expecting the worst.

While my blade was drawn, I had no intention of wielding it against our foes. It was a gesture of defiance.

A paladin called for a rally of those inside the gate. He gathered a group about him, and charged through. Moments later he was dead, all his group left him and hid by the gate.

Meanwhile many of the dead were being dragged into the town for assistance. There to the west was a moon gate opened for such transport. I helped drag one of the bodies, but collapsed from my efforts.

Then as we acted, a battle split the relative calm before our eyes. Mages of the moon and the elements appeared and struck one another with bursts of flame. Fireballs exploded about us. Dark agents emerged from the gloom to strike others with barbed bolts. I crept to the shadows for my safety.

I headed to the empaths guild with a companion. From there we kept an eye on the happenings about the streets. Citizens were dying there as a hail of fire came down from the sky.

This was a terrible day Baresh, things have become grim in our town." Merxie looks grimly about the folks at the bar.