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Posted by on 1999 Nov 26 |

Let Us Not Leave Such Evil Unchecked!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 312 Skullcleaver 359)

The tavern doors violently spring open, and in storms Garfaldo. He walks swiftly to the center of the tavern, stepping up upon the center table with the aid of rising pillars of stone summoned effortlessly beneath his feet.

He calls out in a booming hoarse voice, "Dear patrons of this tavern, I call for silence so I may spread word of treachery in the works!"

All of the tavern comes to an abrupt halt, except for a single unresponsive bard strumming upon his lute. Garfaldo glances at the man, and swiftly releases a hurtling shard of fire in his direction. The shard connects with the arm of the lute, slightly burning the instrument and its players fingers… the bard falls silent.

Garfaldo says, "Now then…"

Garfaldo turns his head about the room, catching everyone’s gaze, then begins to speak.

"As most of you are well aware, Lord Sorrow has claimed the land out by Sorrow’s Reach to be his… and with the aid of Darkensi and Sadiaer, he has threatened and attacked all who tresspass."

"What some do not know, is that in addition to calling upon S’lai screamers… Darkensi now has mystical guardian beings on his side."

"These guardians, are not able to be seen… or attacked. They kill without notice, unleashing powerful spells such as chain lightning, lightning bolt, and thunderclap. They have already slain scores of adventurers who all but happened to be strolling the old Imperial trade routes of Sorrow’s Reach."

"Also known to us, is Lord Sorrow’s quest to attain a book containing important information about the Zaulfung stones. One can only imagine what evil power this viscous murderer and his lackeys seek to acquire by unlocking the secret of the stones…. we must not let them succeed!"

"Our people have roamed the area of Sorrow’s Reach for decades… and have been attacked by the very race which now claims that we are the instigators of this conflict."

Garfaldo’s fists clench tightly and his arm shudders violently… he goes on to reveal the cause of his anger.

"That is not even the worst news I have to bring, for what disturbs me most is the traitors among us… who have sympathized with the Lord and his evil minions… and turned a blind eye toward his plot to undo us!"

"I ask you not to let this happen my fellow citizens. Continue to probe into the Lord’s workings… we must find his intentions! The welfare of our lands depends upon it!"

"I will not lie to ye… the danger you face by entering Sorrow’s Reach is grave. However, if we remain vigilent, and proceed as one… we are certain to unravel his plans and make Sorrow’s Reach safe grounds for our people once more!"

"The enemy is close at hand my fellow warriors, let us not leave such evil unchecked!"

Garfaldo hops off from the table, his greatcloak billowing outward then quickly forms to his Elothean frame as he lands upon the creaky Tavern floor. As we walks out the tavern a rustling of chatter his heard in his absence… amidst the low rumble of conversation, a lone Paladin slams his ale upon the table then stands and proclaims, "I….. I……. I…..I forgot what I was going to say." His chums quickly rise from their seats, give their forgetful comrade a jestfull shove and exclaim, "Come now men! Let’s show Sorrow no one pushes us around!" A roar of cheers fills the tavern, followed by the hilts of broadswords rapping upon the floor in rally.

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Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.