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Posted by on 1999 Dec 9 |

Marstan and Crossingers planning assault?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 362 Nissa 359)

A worn traveler covered in fresh sweat and blood walks in. He proceeds to the bar and takes a seat.

"Heyas, Baresh, just came from a little battle, assasinations happening in front of my eyes, too much for one Elf in one day" He grins.

"Any good news to tell, traveler?"

"Of course! I have news on Marstan if ya wanna hear? It’s long." He inhales and then begins relating his story….

It was a meeting. An informative one…

Marstan asked, "My question remains this, if’n an assault were planned for such a purpose, wouldst thou have an interest in aiding?"

Wixlarcar hissed, "Of courssse, and my Order would be more than happy to help."

Wixlarcar hissed, "We have already dissscusssed thisss and are whole againssst Lord Sssorrow."

Elizzibiana asked, "Apostles Wix?"

Marstan asked, "Do ye think perhaps they will aid?"

Wixlarcar hissed, "The Apossstlesss? Of courssse, if there isss a well planned assssssault."

Wixlarcar hissed, "Our primary missssssion isss defenssse, but if a counterssstrike isss needed we will participate."

Marstan said, "Well the thing is this, if’n a distraction can be made, of any kind."

Marstan said, "That will get myself and Vaxin past his minions, and into Sorrow."

Marstan said, "We would need naught but a few minutes to enact the lore upon Sorrow."

Marstan said, "And he would begin to decay."

Marstan said, "Rot like the relic he is."

Sorann asked, "Sorrow is a liche?"

Marstan said, "Literally."

Wixlarcar hissed, "Sssorry if Im jumping ahead, but are you asssking usss to jump into Ssslai land and draw a retaliation?"

Marstan said, "That I dinnae know good sir."

Marstan said, "I told ye I am nae of a military mind."

Marstan said, "Tis why I seek aid."

Sorann said, "Any incursion into Sorrow’s Reach is generally met by a rather large rebuff of Screamers."

Marstan said, "But aye, I would need to get into the Reach."

Marstan said, "Vaxin and Lef are sturdy companions."

Marstan said, "They can protect me long enough to enact upon Sorrow, tis getting there that is the question."

Marstan said, "Nae I dinnae, Vaxin is versed in that of the elements."

Marstan said, "And my good Lef has a holy soul."

Elizzibiana asked, "Marstan,if I may ask you about Darkensi and Prayks leanings’ in these matters?"

Marstan said, "And I hae nae magic in the traditional sense."

Sorann said, "I believe, that I or one of my brethren could get you close to him, circumventing the travel through much of the S’lai territories."

Marstan said, "If he retreats far enough into his Keep, which I anticipate, a gate will do me little good."

Sorann asked, "What exactly is Prayk?"

Marstan dryly said, "I suppose slug would nae be an appropriate answer."

Sorann said, "Either that, or send one of us in, to open a gate from there."

Elizzibiana said, "that would tip our hand then"

Sorann asked, "Can Prayk, or any other there, see what is hidden?"

I told them, "Prayk would know the minute your tried"

Marstan said, "I hae to agree with Rayfe."

Marstan said, "Prayk is bolstered by his bond with Sorrow."

Elizzibiana said, "That’s my reasoning for askin on Prayk and Darkensi’s leanings about Sura"

Marstan said, "Elizzibiana that I dinnae know, we dinnae hae a good start ye might say."

Sorann asked, "Has Sidhlot shown his hand in this matter, as of late?"

Marstan said, "Cept that he is Sorrow’s puppeteer."

Marstan said, "He skulks within the shadows."

I asked, "So they aren’t allies? Sorrow is manuevering Sidhlot as well?"

Marstan said, "He cannae achieve what he wants without Sorrow, so let’s him do the dirty work."

Marstan said, "I would imagine so Rayfe, no one does anything without self-interest."

Marstan asked, "Question is, who is letting who do what?"

I told them, "Maybe they both think they’ve the upper hand"

Marstan said, "That would be my guess."

Marstan said, "I will need about 8 Elanthian days jest to prepare the lore properly."

Marstan asked, "Will that give ye time to plan?"

It had been 359 years, 362 days since the Victory of Lanival the Redeemer. The calendar read the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Golden Panther. It is currently winter and this night it felt somewhere about the Anlas of Berengaria’s Touch.

Marstan said, "Aye, eight Elanthian days."

Sorann asked, "Where would this proposed group meet?"

Marstan said, "I know that the Marshal Hegemonic had me meet him within that dank place near Sorrow’s Lair called the Brach."

Marstan said, "Perhaps ye may speak with him as well."

Marstan said, "Aye he seems to favor it."

Marstan shuddered.

Marstan asked, "Do thee know of anyone around Zoluren currently who I may also speak with this eve?"

Wixlarcar asked, "Any idea how many people you want?"

Marstan said, "Good sir, if’n I had to imagine, I would say a goodly number."