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Posted by on 1999 Nov 19 |

Prayk Defeated by Airaman in Challenge, Warnings to Stay Out of Sorrow’s Land Still in Effect

(Crossing, Zoluren: 282 Skullcleaver 359)

It was on the Northern Trade Route that I stumbled across a large group of people. In the center of them was that Magus of Sorrow’s, Prayk.

People surrounded him. Some seemed to be arguing his case for him, others seemed to want to argue any little thing with him. Many were simply quiet.

The gist of the matter last night was evidently a request by Sorrow and Company to stay out of "their" land.

They cite the many years that hunters have been preying upon the S’lai. We all know it is called Sorrow’s Reach — and whispers of dread surrounding Sorrow’s name have been circulating for years.

Earlier that day, even people whose homes were duly purchased up in that area were killed and driven out by S’lai Screamers — who are evidently the enforcement branch of Sorrow’s domain.

Magus Prayk seems to be part of the negotiating arm, though. At times in the recent days, he has negotiated with even words and rhetoric. However, when his warnings went unheard or unheeded, he has been quick to call upon terrible forces that pile up corpse after corpse.

The warning seems clear: Don’t venture off the direct road to Stone Clan. Their promise is that they’ll leave us alone if we leave them alone.

Once on the path in S’Lai Country, you’re taking your life in your hands. Go with favors, and try not to get your friends killed who must go in after your corpse.

As the conversations on the road were underway, Airaman kept attacking Prayk. He challenged him to one on one combat — which, to many people’s surprise, Prayk accepted.

The fight went slowly. They tested each other’s reactions and weapons, they parried skills. Neither spoke a word.

Prayk used a heavy stick, Airaman a jagged jasper-pommel dao.

At last, the contest was satisfied as Prayk’s bleeding body gave way to unconsciousness, and Airaman stood there as the victor.

It wasn’t clear to me what was decided by this, perhaps there was a score to settle that I wasn’t privy to.

But each fought under the code of honor, and as agreed, they used weapons only.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.