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Posted by on 1999 Nov 14 |

Sorrow Makes Appearance

(Crossing, Zoluren: 265 Moliko 359)

Nighttime had just fallen on Elanthia. I was just returning from a hard day of magic and hunting, when a friend of mine, Dvinn the barbarian, ran out of the Northeast Gate with a wild look in his eyes, and his sword drawn. Spotting me, he whispered, " S’lai attack near Stone Clan. Lets go." Following his furious pace back up the trade route, we arrived at the trail quickly. There were several bodies littering the ground already, but I ignored them for now as I scrambled up the rocky trail.

Quite a sight greeted me. Several adventurers were locked in combat with creatures I had not seen before. Now, I have not been in this part of Elanthia for long, but I have heard tales of S’lai Screamers which were capable of causing bodily injury with their voice alone. Any doubts of these claims were soon dismissed, as on of the monsters led loose a bloodcurling cry. Pain racked my brain, and I nearly lost my hold on my sword. Others around me were suffering the same fate. I recovered momentarily, and advanced the nearest Screamer. It was a fierce fight indeed, with the Screamer landing a few hits on me before it was slain by some fellow Elanthians. The battle after that was fierce, but the Screamers were outnumbered and slain. It was at that time that I heard the cry " Lord Sorrow is here!" Clenching my weapon, I did indeed sense Sorrows presence in the Realms, but there was no sign of him physically.

A group of us searched the surrounding area and Sorrows Reach, but no more signs of unusual activity greeted us. I returned to the Crossing to ponder the recent events. With all the terrible threats that hang around our heads, it would be poor timing indeed for Lord Sorrow to launch an attack on our people at this time. I pray this is a random occurence, and not the start of a war.