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Posted by on 2000 Mar 23 |

Chance Encounter with Council Member Waldrin

(Crossing, Zoluren: Nissa 360)

After hearing about what happened up at the Shard Guild, and the impending threats to our other guilds, I decided to set beams at both Shard guild and Tiv’s, as well as make a few runs to Crossing guild throughout the night.

The encounter was with a Council Member Waldrin, as I sat up near Tiv’s alone, contemplating all the events of these past weeks. However, the discussion went on for quite some time and the hour was late, my scribing looks more like hen scratch I fear and so, I will need to go over my journal notes on the encounter. I will send a scroll to any who wish it. I will however tell you now of some very important tidbits….

Also to note is that during my rounds last night, Gylwyn returned to her post. However, she seemed much too contemplative and lost in thought to discuss what had transpired there.

I said, "The old Bone Dancer… "

I asked, "I wonder of his experiments, think you that might be tied with those dreadful things that invaded our Shard guild?

Waldrin said, "Quite possibly so."

"Or is this old mad man on Samatek, caught up in delerium dreams and trinkets of the past?" I asked with a chuckle.

Waldrin said, "Ah," and chuckled at me.

Waldrin said, "Perhaps, perhaps. One can never be sure."

Pua peered at Waldrin, "Are we students in danger? And if so, in danger from whom or what?"

Waldrin said, "Your sister here seems to believe so," and smiled at me, then added, "As do I."

I said, "There were threats made on all our guilds, although the Bone Dancer claims they are from the secrets the council keeps…"

Waldrin said, "His lies are troublesome."

Waldrin asked, "We seek to protect our students. Lasarhhtha claims we are at fault for the danger, yet he attacks with his beasts, yes?"

I asked, "Andreathu has this Semisphere… is that why you consider him dangerous, or is it still to do with his alleged attempt to kill Taramaine?"

Waldrin said, "That semisphere is a magical artifact."

Waldrin said, "All items of magic are powerful things, and in the wrong hands, can possibly cause great disaster. The Council wishes it given over to us. In the wrong hands… Dangerous. We’ve many times studied artifacts, you see."

Waldrin continued, "Artifacts of great power mustn’t be manipulated by one unskilled in their handlind. There’s no telling what they could do. Artifacts of magic can do great good, but they can also do great harm. One of the reasons the Council exists is to encertain that study of them is done with the utmost care."

Waldrin added, "I personally think the idea of artifacts being Deceivers is silly. I’m positive they’re people. People who would bring danger to our Guild."

Talenstar asked, "Waldrin, it was speculated that Grell might have tampered with the Music box at the Citadel and that that was why he was killed. Has the Council looked into that?"

Waldrin responded, "Perhaps. If he did meddle with it, the Mountain Elves would surely be unhappy with such an action."

I said, "Interesting theory that… but first he was spirited away to a site close to the first obelisk up in Theren."

Waldrin said, "I really cannot speculate as to what happened to Grell. I don’t know enough about the situation."

I said, "We’ve been told that the Council already has suspicions of who the three Deceivers are. If such is the case, wouldn’t it be best to let us know that?"

Waldrin asked, "Who told you that?"

I said, "I don’t wish her to get in trouble."

Waldrin chuckled, "I’ve no interest in getting anyone in trouble."

Waldrin said, "But that sort of information is… misleading."

Waldrin said, "There are many theories about the Prophecies, and who or what the Deceivers are. Passing out that sort of information would do nothing but mislead people."

Waldrin offerred, "We may have suspicions. We have many suspicions on many fronts. But tossing out countless ideas without proof or fact would do nothing but breed further confusion."

Waldrin added with a sigh, "And more mistrust, perhaps."

Waldrin said, "Something I do not want to see."

I said, "I do strongly believe however, that if Council has any strong suspicions at this time, they should perhaps let us know, so we may aid in their capture, and defend our guilds against them. They could be taken in an interrogated."

Waldrin said, "You have the same suspicions we do. Any many we do not." Waldrin chuckled.

I said, "Of that, I’ve no doubt."

Waldrin said, "I wouldn’t say that any of our suspicions are really strong."

Talenstar quietly said, "But they are more learned than most of ours. So we ask for input."

I asked, "Should they become so… will we be tipped off?"

Waldrin said, "Of that I am certain."

Waldrin smiled.

Waldrin said, "Guidance of our students is a prime concern for the Council. Though some may not show it."

I said, "Well, you seem to be the first to actually show that or even make us feel as such."

Melistat asked, "Waldrin, has the Council ever heard of a moongate made from blue fire and black shadow?"

Talenstar gazed at Melistat’s words.

Waldrin asked, "Have you heard of such a thing?"

Melistat said, "The misshappen germish’din were emerging from such gates this day."

Waldrin pondered, "Interesting. Well, I suppose anything is possible, really."

Melistat said, "They were, to put it lightly, constructions of flesh."

Waldrin said, "Magic is a magnificent thing in that regard."

Melistat nods to Waldrin.

Talenstar quietly said, "It is the gate that the Bone Dancer developed. I have heard of it before."

Talenstar nods to Melistat.

Talenstar quietly said, "And he is also the creator of the Blue Death spirits. He lied to you Melistat."

Melistat chuckled.

I asked, "seems rather necromantic, does it not?"

Waldrin said, "It does sound that way."

Melistat said, "I know he created the blue-gray death spirits, I was there when he first unleashed them."

Waldrin said, "Necromancy… a horrid art. One of the reasons secrets are sometimes a necessary thing."

Waldrin explained, "My people believe that knowledge is the greatest power of all. And as such, it must be used carefully, and handed about carefully. And sometimes it must be kept locked up."

Waldrin said, "We should be so grateful that there is but one Andraethu running about stealing the souls of children. Andraethu is a madman."

Waldrin concluded, "His motives we can never be sure of. Only that he must be stopped."

I said, "I wonder why Demosel hasn’t been about… She could possibly aid in the return of the Semisphere…"

Waldrin said, "Demosel is an enigmatic woman."

I said, "And powerful. Wouldn’t be the first time she clashed with her brother."

Waldrin said, "True enough."

I said, "I always wondered though… Amiss seemed very defensive of Grell at a Council Meeting many moons ago in Shard. Taramaine was not pleased."

Waldrin said, "I cannot speak of Taramaine’s motives for such things."

I said, "Understood."

Melistat asked, "Cannot, or dare not?"

Melistat smiles at Waldrin.

Waldrin said, "I am many things, but Taramaine’s psyche I am not."

I said, "Yet the Council holds Amiss in great respect… I just always thought that odd, is all."

Waldrin said, "Our Grandmaster is a skilled seer of things to come in the future. To know the future… a noble calling." Waldrin smiled.

Waldrin said, "Still, the future can sometimes be disturbing. This Prophecy has shown everyone that."

I nodded in agreement, "Sometimes I’ve seen that which I’d rather not have…"

Waldrin said, "A blessing and a curse, Lovelorn. Aptly put."

I said, "Indeed."

Prior to his leaving Pormithius asked about the names of the Council Members….

Waldrin said, "There’s myself, Thorrick, Jonela, Zeltir, Dinlael, Alsu… we’re all from the Celestial Compact."

Waldrin said, "There’s Dothrein, Annisean. Elvaka, Giromu."

Waldrin said, "Tharvon and Mirdanya."

Waldrin said, "And of course, Taramaine."

I said, "Thank you for your time Waldrin. You’ve certainly eased many of my qualms."

At any rate, these are the important insights I gleaned from this chance encounter. I go now to rescribe my hasty notes in my journal, for further reference and study.



Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.