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Posted by on 2000 Jan 25 |

Lord Sirolarn’s Message and Reward Announcement

Crossing, Zoluren: 144 Shorka 360 His Majesty the Prince Belirendrick, assasinated at the Ball he hosted, walked the Starry Road on the 116th day of this year, in the month of Lirisa, 360 years after the Victory of Lanival. An obelisk marks his gravesite in the cemetary outside the Crossing’s NorthEast gate.

After the graveside ceremony and dedication of the obelisk, people from all walks of life gathered at the Crossing’s Amphitheatre for a memorial service. There were members of court, leaders from cities and provinces, and citizens from all over.

Lord Sirolarn was announced to everyone, and arrived with the Mayoress Lindryl. He spoke to everyone gathered there. (Lord Sirolarn is a cousin of Prince Vorclaf, the missing heir to the Late Prince Belirendrick.)

We saw Lord Sirolarn Tirof-Sorvendig, a Human Cleric. He had crystal green eyes, shoulder length thick auburn hair that was tied back, and fair skin. He is young for a Human. He was wearing a matching pair of black weepers each stitched in silver with the crest of House Sorvendig, a pair of dark leather boots, a crimson silk clerical robe embroidered with the head of a black wolf, an ebony wolf charm, a suit of chain fashioned from delicate links of dark green steel, a spidersilk satchel and a black silk skullcap.

The Mayoress Lindryl, who arrived on his arm, had on a sheer black veil draped over her head that obscured her features. The only characteristics discernable through her mourning attire were that she stands roughly five feet tall, has a full curved figure, and delicate hands with graceful slender fingers. She was wearing a deep black silk gown with a beaded scalloped pattern at the cuffs and hem. A sheer black veil secured by a wreath of black roses falls from the top of her head to cover her face and upper chest. The back of the veil cascades behind her in graceful folds reaching nearly to the ground. The only touch of color she wears is a simple gold medallion bearing the Sorvendig crest hanging from beneath her veil.

Sirolarn began, “I thank you all for coming here today.” He spoke in halting sentences, struggling before the large crowd.”Though, of course…I wish it could be under happier circumstances.”

“I stand before you tonight a confused man,” he continued. “A man in constant doubt. I have lived my life in the shadow of a prince…”

Sirolarn said, “Prince Belirendrick.”

Sirolarn went on, still halting at times, “He cared for me and seemed to solve all problems with a wave of his hand.” A smile crossed his lips. “And when he was not around, I was fortunate enough to be near his son. My cousin Vorclaf. Whose very name brings a smile to my lips.”

“Now, there are many questions, rumors…lies, even…flowing through the Crossing. Our situation is this. I will take as little of your time as possible.”

Sirolarn told us, “Our prince is dead,” with a large sigh, “His heir is missing.”

Sirolarn said, “I…” and broke off for a moment.

Sirolarn said, “I apologize. I was never meant to be before you. I am not used to the crowds, nor did I ever imagine these duties would fall to me.”

“But now I must act, though I hardly know what to do,” he said.

“First, we must find Vorclaf.” Sirolarn seemed sure of this. Many of the people assembled in the audience nodded vigorously in agreement. “On the night of Prince Belirendrick’s murder, Lord V…Prince Vorclaf also went missing.”

Lindryl bowed her head.

Sirolarn explained, “We have gained some information about that murder. And I wish to share it.”

Sirolarn said, “Prince Belirendrick was killed by magic. And by poison.”

“A magical poison, is what I’m trying to say.”

“It seems to have been…targeted. At Sorvendig blood. Blood shared in large quantities by only three living people.”

Sirolarn told us, “Prince Belirendrick, Prince Vorclaf and myself.”

Sirolarn said, “It is my fear…” he paused to clear his throat.

Sirolarn then revealed, “It is my fear that the target of the poison was not Belirendrick.”

Sirolarn added, “Or rather, that his death was an accident.”

Sirolarn’s sentences were getting choppier , “A mistake,” he shook his head from side to side.

Sirolarn started speaking again, “I cannot quite make sense of this…but…Belirendrick was ill. Only Vorclaf and I knew.”

Sirolarn told us, “But he hadn’t long to live…But word did get out recently.”

Sirolarn said, “And then this happened.”

“I think somehow Vorclaf was the target. Though I really don’t know.” He shook his head slowly from side to side.

Sirolarn said, “But Vorclaf is the last of the full Sorvendigs. Linthh is related only by marriage, I am just half.”

“If someone knew of Belirendrick’s illness, they might have wished to remove the Prince’s heir. Do something to him…control him.”

Sirolarn then told us, “After the prince’s death…I…I touched his corpse. I was trying to return him to life.”

“He had the favor of the gods.”

Sirolarn said, “Instead, his soul was ripped from him…My holy magic did nothing for him…could not reach him.” He shook his head.

“It is hard to explain…But as I touched him, I felt whatever was in him come for me. It gripped me…”

“Tried to speak through my mouth…Tried to twist my magic…”

Sirolarn said, “I think only the people there who dragged me from the room saved my life…And the fact that I am only half Sorvendig…”

Sirolarn smiled sadly, “Otherwise, I fear that I might have suffered Prince Belirendrick’s fate.”

Sirolarn continued, “Now, the night of the Prince’s death…I thought simply to seal the room and wait for Vorclaf.” He cleared his throat, “I…I did not know what to do to be honest.”

Lindryl touched the back of Sirolarn’s hand and nodded. She said vaguely, “You could do no better than what you are doing.”

“But your prince is missing.” Sirolarn spoke the words simply.

“And on behalf of myself and the Council, the first thing I do is announce a reward.”

“For the return of Prince Vorclaf, 100 Platinum Kronars.”

“For information leading to his recovery, 75 Platinum Kronars.”

“For information that leads to the discovery of the murderer of Belirendrick and the kidnapper of Vorclaf, 50 Platinum Kronars.”

“Lindryl…” he turned to the Mayoress, “I..”

Lindryl nodded to Sirolarn. “Yes?”

Sirolarn replied, “I know not what else to do. I’m sorry.” He shook his head.

Lindryl shook her head and said in a wavering voice, “There is nothing else to do.”

Sirolarn said, “I was never meant to be here.” Sirolarn looked a bit lost.

Lindryl said, “Unless you can teleport someone from somewhere without a beacon… or knowledge of their whereabouts.”

Sirolarn smiled sadly.

Lindryl pondered. “Perhaps if we knew who was behind it… why would anyone want to hurt dear old Zoluren?”

Lindryl sighed. “Or Vorclaf.”

Sirolarn exclaimed, “We must have the Prince back!”

Sirolarn nodded to Lindryl. “Um..” He looked helpless.

Sirolarn asked, “Perhaps we might allow some questions? Yes, I suppose we’ll take a few questions before the entertainment begins.”

Lindryl put her hand to her eyes and swayed.

There was some misunderstanding about the first question, but no particularly relevant information in it.

Sirolarn told us, “Now, many of you have information about the night of the…” he broke off the sentence.

Sironarn finally continued, “We know this and will begin to ask questions. We have already done so, but there were many people that night. Soon we will do so on a more systematic basis…It’s just that… Well, I thought Vorclaf would have showed up by now.”

Kortny asked, “If the prince is not found who stands next in line as heir to the realms? ”

Sirolarn answered, “I do. Though I will NOT become prince.”

Sirolarn said, “Not while there is even a shred of hope that Prince Vorclaf will be found. I was never meant to be prince.”

Kortny asked, “If you where to be unable to become heir who is next in line?”

Sirolarn responded, “There is no heir after me.”

A black void suddenly appearred! A dozen waving tentacles burst forth from the anomoly, wrapped themselves around Lindryl, and drag her screaming through the void! The atmosphere returns to normal, leaving no trace of Lindryl or the void.

Shock at the sudden whisking away of the Mayoress gave way to speculation, but the Mayoress was found safely at the site of the Obsidian Obelisk which marked the Prince’s grave. There was no foul play involved.

Sirolarn concluded, “I … I fear for everyone in Zoluren….I pray to the gods that they spare us.”

“I am afraid that I must leave. I cannot remain here.”

Sirolarn said, “Please…”

Sirolarn exclaimed, “Guards! Guards! Remove me!”

A guard escorted Sirolarn out.

Respond with your opinion or observations on this mystery. It is time to sort out the rumors from what various people witnessed.