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Posted by on 1999 Dec 20 |

Marstan’s Plea

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 8 Akroeg 360)

I just wanted this known, I don’t feel up to making it pretty or sound good. I know that the things at the bar are very well written, but i’m in a bit too much grief over this. However Marstan wanted it to be known, and I thought besides what I said on the gweth this would be the best way.

A weak tendril of cool air trickled into the room.

A faint grey mist filled the air, blurring vision as it tried to compose itself.

Paschein asked, "mist?"

I hushed them, "hush.."

The mist finally took on a vaguely human shape, though it flickered roughly like a candleflame caught in a breeze.

The shade pulsated as if gasping. In a high, weak voice it began to speak. "The Master sends his…….greetings."

Paschein asked, "in what condition be the master?"

I said, "thank you Shade. Can he help us free him?"

The shade shook its head slowly. "The Master can see the Void."

Paschein asked, "can we stop this?"

I asked, "Is there any way we can Help?"

The shade dropped down lower, "The Master says he cannae hold much longer. Sidhlot has ……"

Canten said, "Shade, relay a message to Marstan if possible, We stand ready if he can get us in"

Paschein said, "Ilyeana, aye we know Shade"

The shade sobbed like a frightened child. "The Master will leave me! He is in so much pain. I will be all alone again."

Auram told the shade, "take us to him"

Canten said, "No Shade, we will help you, you will have us"

Paschein said, "please show us how to help"

I offerred, "We just need a way to save him."

We all nodded in aggreement, "Anything at all that you think would work."

The small shade cocked its head as if listening. "The Master says he is sorry to have failed good people. His heart is nae black like those say."

Canten said, "he hasnt failed"

I nodded, "We know that."

Galahant said, "marstan good guy"

Canten sighed, "He cannot give up.."

I told it, "I have seen you give me visions. Anyone who loves his wife that much cannot be black of heart," and tried to nod encouragingly.

Paschein said, frowning, "How do we help him shade, we don’t want you left alone "

The shade gathered a little strength, "Oh they hurt the Master so much, e’en the dead do not endure this."

I asked, "why would they kill him? They can’t undo the Lore with him dead."

The shade floated closer, "The Master asks if anyone recalls what he said once when asked what it was he sought."

I thought about it, remembering

Canten volunteered, "he sought his wife.."

Paschein added, "Ilyeana"

The shade shook its head. "Nae that is not it. The Master says, ‘I seek that which cannot be found.’"

Paschein nodded, "aye that which can not be found." He sighed, "Over and over again he said that"

The shade floated higher, "The Master asks if any of ye have figured out what that is."

Galahant asked, "What can’t be found?"

I ventured, "Peace?" with a small smile. "It would make sense for such a ravaged soul as his."

A tear ran down Paschein’s face. "Shade he can not go yet "

I said, "Or perhaps and End? For an end finds you."

Paschein repeated, "that which can not be found.. "

The shade suddenly writhed as if in tremendous pain. "This is the last of the Master’s strength. He thanks the good people who helped him, he asks that you share that for him with the others he cannae reach."

We quickly guessed and spoke among ourselves, but clearly did not have the correct answer.

The shade dropped low to the ground, "What cannae be found, but must be given instead?"

I answered, "Acceptance."

The shade spread itself thin, covering me with a fine mist that smelled of licorice and reminded me of younger days. "The Master says now you have it. Be well gentles, be well."

I nodded, "Acceptance."

Canten said, "Be well Shade.."

I echoed him, "Be well Shade."

The shade was gone, and with a collective sigh, we loosed our pent up breaths.

Canten said, "we in deep yak dung friends.."

I covered my eyes and sighed.

Paschein said, "now what? "

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.