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Posted by on 2000 Feb 18 |

Meeting of Minds

(Crossing, Zoluren: 247 Moliko 360)

A slight Elothean Cleric walks up to the bar, gives Baresh a cheerful smile, and sits down, perusing a scroll. Baresh asks what it is the young lass has, and she brightens at the question, answering, "Tis a record of the meeting we held tonight." Baresh nods, as he also heard the town criers. "So how did it go, Mystanya?"

The Cleric clears her throat, and says, "Well, it went pretty well, as far as I could tell. First, there was the special announcement from an envoy of the government. Then each of the specific areas of the effort were introduced."

"I’ve got the whole scroll here if you’d like to read it for yourself?" Baresh nods, slowly though, seeing how long Mystanya’s scroll is. Mystanya hands the scroll to Baresh, and looking over his shoulder you read:


Melvi says, "First and foremost, get favors. This is very important since clerics and empaths will be very burdened, and raising will not always be an option. Six to eight favors is a good start with one or two favor orbs ready to fill on your possession."

"Do not forget to remove those precious items that you do not wish to lose and place them in your vaults. Replace those expensive weapons with cheap ones along with your armor. Cheap weapons and armor are being collected to use when Lord Sorrow decides to make his move. Please get the herbs and potions you feel you will need. We will also have some available at all healing/rejuving stations. It is a good idea to know where your type of power is around town and between Crossing and Stone Clan so please do a bit of powerwalking. "

Melvi says, "Get your weapons blessed when you have the time as a precaution. Carry shields to help against fire rain. There are many more things to keep in mind and each meeting we will try to remind you of those things. I will now turn the meeting over to Daython who will give you the details on the structure of the council."

Daython says, "The task of defiance against the threat of Sorrow and his minnions falls upon the shoulders of all Elanthians. All individuals help will be needed. We must stand as one and declare ourselves as United against this threat. I have heard many solutions offered and many positions taken. Each one I have thought through and have found only one solution. To stand in defiance of this evil that threatens our land."

Daython says, "This threat, this evil that faces us. It is the problem of our generation. It is something we must confront head on. We have not the right to let this pass. The responsibility is upon our shoulders to end this threat once and for all. We should not pass this to our children. Or our children’s children."

Daython says, "We must stand as one and declare our defiance and resolve."

Daython says, "The council then was formed to aid all of us in becoming organized to stand as one fighting force against the foe. We are here as servants to the land to help in this conflict. We will need the help of everyone if we are to succeed."

Daython says, "We thought much on how to best handle the division of cuties and came up with the idea of splitting the tasks between four groups. Triage, Recon, Battle Tactics, and Defense."

Daython says, "The division of duties to these groups are pieces of the whole. they are for the planning and implementation. Each person’s role in combat and the struggle will undoubtedly cross all these lines. In a moment I will introduce the contact individuals for each group. Each of us will need individuals close to us to aid in carrying out duties. Think long on how involved ye wish to be and offer thy services if ye are inclined. We will be availble to help train all of ye on group combat tactics, and self survival in the field."

Daython says, "Triage— Responsible for the selection of rejuve and healing areas. The defense plan for said areas. Formulating a plan for healing in the field of battle. And any other related contingincies."

Daython says, "Triage contacts are: Myself, Mystanya, Camielia, Sholana, and Kerianna."

Daython says, "Recon — Responsible for gathering information on the movements of Sura and those associated with him. Mapping out power and such for various possible areas of skirmishes. Tracking and destroying those such as Sadiaer."

Daython says, "Recon contacts are Piextra, Lanthander. Kortny, Sharyn"

Daython says, "Defense — Involved in arranging for the defense of Crossings and Stone clan. coordinating activities with the various other groups to ensure success. Identifying key points of defense and directing forces to these locations."

Daython says, "Defense contacts are. Galahant, Jordan, Sneak, Paschein, Melvi and Salvalis."

Daython says, "Battle Tactics — Involved with devising group combat tactics. Directing counter assaults against invaders. Devising a plan for the assault of the Reach if the time comes."

Daython says, "Tactics contacts are: Soim, Garfaldo, Galain, Dritzfury."

Daython says, "We will be holding meetings of each of these groups."

Daython says, "I encourage ye to sit in on any ye are able to, to help determine what role ye can fill. Yes, we do wish all aid. And want to make the most of the skills we have. We wish for the people to be so understanding of what is happening that they may operate without a council member needing to be here. everyone will know where to go for healing, for defense, for rejuving. for counter attacks. To respond as the defenders with the resolve to defeat this evil."

Garfaldo says, "And now, Mystanya will speak on behalf of the Triage group. All please give her yer attention."

Mystanya asks, "Alrighty. What is Triage ye askin? We’re the ones that rejuve ya and heal ya up to get back to battle..we’re here ta help ye, any way we can, to either get you back on your feet, or heal the nasty scrapes ye get. Now, I’ll be speakin more to those that are interested, after this meeting. So if ye wish to listen, join me, and after the meeting, we’ll talk about triage. We need all sorts.. don’t hesitate even if ye’ve just come to the lands today."

Melvi says, "As for defense, we are here to help defend Crossing and the surrounding areas against Lord Sorrow and his forces. Also Stone Clan and the book."

Piextra says, "Hello, and welcome. Those of you who have been with the resistance effort from the start, my heartfelt thanks for all you have done. For those who are lending us their minds and arms anew, my thanks for the things you will undertake, and for the sacrifices you will be called upon to make. I speak for the recon team. Reconnaissance is our speciality, and that has several meanings. "

Piextra says, "For one, we collect information and seek out weaknesses among the enemy. For another… We take risks, enormous ones to our own persons, in order to gauge weakness and distract those who stand to do the most damage to our effort. As such, we will be launching a campaign to know all about our enemies, and our friends. "

Piextra says, "I hope you are prepared to use your minds as well as your weapons, as this challenge is one of brain as much as force. please, before you even consider anything further, check your favors… and be assured you do not have enough."

Garfaldo says, "The tactics division will be devising methods to combat Sorrow’s forces in the most efficient and least costly manner."

Garfaldo says, "Every option will be explored, and we will work closely with the strengths of all guilds to organize our attack."

Garfaldo exclaims, "Thank you everyone for attending, now let’s get to work!"


Baresh nods as he finishes reading and says, "Aye, looks like it’s well organized."

Mystanya beams at Baresh, thanking him for reading the scroll. She gets up and heads for the door, stopping just before it, she turns and says, "Oh, if you could, would you tell as many as ye can, that the Triage group will have a meeting every Thursday, 10pm eastern, at the Temple Ruins? And perhaps mention to them that there are public scrolls for the group? Just one little magical phrase should take them there. ‘’. They’ll have to point their fingers towards the DRTriage area."

Baresh nods to the Cleric. She thanks the barkeep and waves, going back to the cloister gardens for meditation.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.