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Posted by on 2000 Jan 15 |

Moongates on North Trade Route Used by S’lai and Sadiaer

(Crossing, Zoluren: 109 Lirisa 360)

S’lai moved out onto the Northern Trade Route, attacking at will. No one knew of any provocation for the attacks this time.

Defenders from the surrounding areas heard the call for help and rushed to the aid of those who had been injured. The fallen were dragged to a spot on the road so they were all in one place.

I arrived as the first moongate was opened to get the dead to town for some help. I dragged through the first person, went back and before I could look to see who else needed to be dragged off, word was already about that S’lai had used the gate.

Sadiaer and some S’lai had used the moongate to move quickly into town and start killing people.

Defenders on the Trade Route rushed quickly to town to put the threat down.

The next thing we hear, there are more S’lai up on the Trade Route, and people go up there again.

At times, the S’lai stretched from the Northeast Gate of the Crossing, clear to the Trader’s Outpost at the trail to Stone Clan.

And each time a moongate was used to transport the victims, numerous S’lai used it to move directly to that area and start attacking. Before everyone could pass the word not to use a moongate in an area where S’lai might be, the building where the clerics work had been invaded, the Town Green, outside the Cleric Guild, and other places in town also sufferred the same fate. Many fell.

The Cleric Courtyard was the scene of utter horror at one point; Sadiaer came by and used Fire Rain on everyone there. The dead, the empaths, the clerics, and those working to support these vital healing efforts were struck by the deadly spell.

Without quick means of communication, word about the moon gates did not spread fast enough.

I am hoping that the Moon Mages and the Defenders can come up with a strategy to thwart Sadiaer and the S’lai so that the rescues can be accomplished and a moongate can be used again.

In the meanwhile — pass the word. Be wary of opening a moon gate anywhere near S’lai.