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Posted by on 2000 Jan 19 |

Murder at the Ball

Crossing, Zoluren: Lirisa 360 A slightly disheveled rakash strides into the tavern, glancing around the room in a nervous fashion.

He quickly approaches Baresh and orders a shot of Zoluren Reserve to calm his nerves.

The shabbily dressed man produces a gold coin from his cloak and drop it on the counter. “Thank you Baresh”. Sniffing cautiously at the drink the Bard quickly downs it one gulp.

“I tell you Baresh, there is much intrigue in our little corner of Elanthia today…much indeed”

“I recently heard the goings on at that DeSilveron Ball as told by Khull, and felt I had to bring up a few points.”

“Khull’s recitation of the facts was very illuminating, but can be expanded upon. And must be, if we are to ever find out what despicable creature was responsible for murdering his Majesty.”

“Diva Kouritza’s song was definately suspicious, but not cause enough to accuse her of murder. The fact that she carried a hanky which may have concealed a poison was never proven. Even after the hanky was claimed, inspected by Meanne and Portense and returned to Kouritza, nothing was found that would support the claim of some that the Diva had poisoned the Prince.”

Glancing around even more nervously then before, Rhoatumos lowers his voice a few octaves and says, “I think that perhaps she might be involved, after all she DID disappear shortly after the Prince walked the Starry Road. BUT she is not alone. Others at the Ball acted most strangely…Vorclaf…disappearing after the Prince fell ill, and Captain of the Guard that felt wooing the ladies at the Ball was more important then his duty.”

“Or how about the actions of Ralel during the beginning of the ball? The Self-Proclaimed Leader of the L’Karm was seen by many to pass something to a darkly clad individual in return for some coins. Surely this is something that must be looked into…plus the presence of the one called Sidhlot was felt during the ball, and although none saw him, we all know his abilities to strike down his foes from a distance.”

Finishing his drink Rhoatumos places the glass upside-down on the counter quickly and whispers to the barkeep, “Be careful Baresh, I fear that more evil might befall our fair city before we solve this mystery.” He then vanishes as fast as he had appeared.

Baresh reaches over to clear away the glass when he notices that secreted inside is another shiny gold coin.

Respond with your opinion or observations on this mystery. It is time to sort out the rumors from what various people witnessed.


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.