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Posted by on 2000 Apr 11 |

Pirates Respond in kind

(Riverhaven, Therengia: Nissa 360)

A young elothean lady, of green eyes and auburn hair, carrying the scars and wounds of half an Army enters the Tavern, holding hands, with a bald, copper skinned dwarf, whom Baresh takes a few seconds to recognize…

“Solrac, is that you? No beard, and with pardons, without the characteristic smell of wet leather and viper oil?” Baresh looks gallantly at the Elothean Lady, Naresha, do please take a sit, I will bring you a Saffrass Tea and as you insist of accompanying this barbarian, I will serve him a Spiced Rum.” Baresh smiles at Solrac as Naresha swiftly and graciously takes a sit while the dwarf hops on to a stool. As they sit close to each other Baresh can see both sport Red sashes and are carryng cutlasses.

‘Thank you for your usual kindness Baresh, I wont mind if you where to sprinkle the tea with some elothean rice wine…”

As Baresh looks at Naresha, she faintly blushes and explains “I just went with the rudest brigand I have seen in what they called a Dwarven Invasion, and it was definitely much more fun that Solrac had promised.”

Solrac grumps lovingly at Naresha and sips his spiced rum. “Well I guess I was making up for the hours we spent a few days ago waiting for the fourth wave of invasion at Stone Clan which never materialize…”

“Oh yes, I think Odosku and Balwinn have told me about that.” Confirms Baresh.

“Well Baresh the Stone Clan gatherings have been planning a second go at the Pirates after the success of that Dwarven Invasion… but things went very different this time… For one thing, I can only conclude they had heard of our plans and prepared an ambush!” Solrac takes another gulp from the Spiced Rum and watches Naresha with fascination as she delicately sips n her lightly spiked Tea.

“A Pirate Ambush?” asks Baresh incredubly “Sure it is not just your persecution complex?

Naresha answers “Actually Baresh, even Hegemonic, the Dwarven Marshall, said he had never seen so many pirates gathered and appearing from all over the boat. Besides, think about it… The Pirates, hundreds of them, where in the boat before it departed from Riverheaven… they where in waiting, hiding like rats, and started coming out as the boat started the travessy, and did kept coming until Aesry was well in sight.”

“Hundreds Naresha?” Asks Solrac.

“Well, Galahant did mention to me that he alone had killed at least 90, and I know he would not have lie to me… so you figure” Naresha confidently retorts.

“Naresha, between what Galahant told you and what Hegemonic, a well seasoned veteran appreciated, I guess there are grounds to think there was an ambush…” Baresh says as he repeats the drinks.

“Seasoned, with all the Granny Number 3 Whisky and the Stone Ale Hegemonic guzzles, he is not seasoned, he is marinated.” Belts out Solrac.

“Well in any case, Baresh, again we did it, a good group too… I remember Odosku, Perre, Grimslayer, Lagerby, Crory, Yagamuchi, Rys, Ruhrik, Katrinax, Sortny, Dendybar, Malkavik…” Solrac Interrupts and takes a drink.

“And Balwinn, who died as the ambush started and kept delaying his healing and raising to allow other adventurers to be treated first… I was very impressed by that kind of sacrifice.” Says Naresha with an admiring trembling of her voice.

“There where many deaths Baresh, the empaths, like Naresha here, and the ever faithful Shimermist, and clerics like Lcresion, and others, kept the flame alive, also, as the deaths rise, and time and resources starting running short (no dwarfs jokes Baresh) people started to depart so a to be back at the fight again… the glyphs and protection of memories also where very important to our being able to keep going at the Pirates as they kept leaping from wherever they where hiding…”

Baresh, who is still a little disoriented by seen the naked face of Solrac asks “You also died and departed?”

“Aye… I died three times, got raised twice, but had to depart because of the time and Empath resources that are saved that way… That is why I don’t have my beard tonight… strange thing… departing in the ship, being returned to life under the cold sea and having to stay down there until the light beacons you up… “ Solrac shakes involuntarily remembering the underwater experience.

Baresh, visualizing Solrac under the sea for some time can finally account for the other big difference… no wet leather and viper oil stench emanating from him… he barely suppress a chuckle…

“A great group Baresh. There was Worrclan, Pwennt, Goou, Bessan, Mhorvien, Terraes who is human, Beyowulf, Mithrus, Daimok, and many others… still… since the ambush really did not allow Hegemonic to divide and prepare us… I would say that is was the hard work of the empaths and clerics what really allow us to survive.” Solrac solemnly declares as he finishes his rum.

Naresha teasingly adds “Even down in the room where we where I did hear Solrac screaming in anguish ‘Aesry is in sight, we will be disgraced if the boats arrives to Aesry and there are still Pirates alive in the boat’ and do seem there was an increase in roars and war cries … pride do seem to be as good a fuel as ale for your clan.”

Baresh laughs and exclaims “Maybe not as strong as Ale Naresha… Bubbinster did made quite a scene here a few nights ago because I was selling the ale so fast he was worried we would run out!!”