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Posted by on 2000 Feb 14 |

Prydaen Elders

(Crossing, Zoluren: 233 Arhat 360)

As Baresh is serving a dwarf a mug of Ironhill stout, he hears a soft cough and looks up to see a Rakashan Female shimmer into view.

"Hiya Baresh! Could I get a mug of juice please? I got a little story for ya.." She pulls up a slightly bloody stool and cleans it off some before sitting on it and grinning at Baresh.

Baresh slides a mug of Taffleberry juice down the bar to her, she catches it and pays with a handfull of coppers, "Keep da change Baresh, dose tings are heavy.. would ya believe dey tried ta get inta da Reach again..?"

"Course after dat explosion or whatever guess dey thought it would be easy pickins…" She grins at Baresh and shakes her head, "Guess dey didn’t notice Darkensi was awake eh?"

"Anyways dey all started running in and killin anything dey could. Seemed ta be doin pretty good, til Darkensi rallied his troops I guess. Den it was a different story." She grimmaces as she gazes off into the shadows.. "Anyways, the Crossing Defenses held, the Stone clan held." Leans over and whispers to Baresh, " Course what ya expect dose dwarves were kinda ticked off." She giggles as she remembers the dwarven version of tog ball.

"Anyways Baresh, after a little while dey killed Darkensi. Yup… got him and he died… I didn’t pay much attention to it til Syia started wailing on the gweth so I tryed to locate em .. guess wha I saw?" Frowns at Baresh as she pulls out her journal and shows him one of the pages.

On the page written in blue ink (with a sprinklin of red blood on the page) is this:

[High Mountains, Sunfall Hub] Thick, moss covered oaks encircle this rugged clearing. An icy stream cuts through the rugged red rock where a few Prydaen kits stop to catch a quick sip. Several tents made out of animal fur are set up in a circle with grey stones arranged in the middle. A small trail leads out through the thick tangle of foliage. You also see an elder Prydaen, a blue-robed Elpalzi mage and a Prydaen Empath.

Also here: Predator Darkensi who is lying down Obvious paths: none.

She closes her journal and frowns at Baresh. "If ya notice Baresh, the elders are on his side. And wit people runnin around callin some of da Prydaens putzs and such, how long til they go over to him and join him? I member coming to crossing Baresh, we were hunted and hounded. If it werent for me friends here.. I probably woulda already joined em." She wipes a tear from her eye before continuing.

"Ah well. I guess I better get back out dere, ya never know when dey might start acting up again. The Crossing idiot brigade dat is." Winks at Baresh as she shimmers back into the shadows. After a few seconds he feels a light kiss on his cheek and footsteps walking away.

Then as if from a distant source he hears, "Remember Baresh, Sorrow is the enemy.. And long as da Elanthian Scouts are alive. We fight for crossing. Ya got Javers word on it."

Then all he hears is a giggle and the closing of the door.