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Posted by on 2000 Mar 3 |

Tears of Grazhir

(Crossing, Zoluren: 305 Skullcleaver 360)

Baresh eyes the quiet figure immersed in shadows where he sits on the barstool drinking his wine. As stoon as Baresh turns his eyes away he hears behind him, "Curious eh? I’ve just been all over the planet in less than an anlas, I’m trying to reflect and gather my thoughts."

His slender hands place his bottle back on the counter. "I know you think me a liar or a drunk but let me fill you in on what happened this fine evening eh?" As I was checking the power the heavens would provide me for the day I had a strange vision come to me. The only thing I could do was gawk."

Soluren takes a large drink of wine and closes his eyes, remembering then suddenly spouts, " Absolute in its intensity, a void engulfs your senses, and you find yourself adrift in an eternal night sky. In every direction stars glitter from their respective places, while streaks of meteors occasionally flash between them. A planet comes into view, pristine and clear, a blue and green sphere swirling with white clouds. With the sun’s caress, a brilliant halo of fiery light flares across the orb, illuminating a beautiful view never seen by ground-bound Elanthian eyes. The vision fades, leaving only the after-image of the rising sun’s shining crescent flickering in your mind’s eye."

"Then shortly afterward two more visions came to me and my moon mage brethren. Your eyes well up, you blink, but open your eyes to a drastically altered reality. Floating gently, the way a cork might drift upon the ocean, you twirl about the stars, set in a lofty orbit around Elanthia. Peaceful within this silent space, you take notice of blue Xibar, rising from behind Elanthia. To the opposite side of the planet a fiery-red Yavash nearly eclipses a golden Katamba as a pearlescent sphere slides into view — Grazhir, intact. Gazing upon this wonderful vision of what once was, a fiery streamer comes into view, trailing flares of light, and it is with this arrival that the vision fades and reality once again embraces you."

"It is more than just mundane sight that this blackness veils, for you find yourself suddenly driftingThe shadows nearby come alive, snaking towards you with a feral ferocity, quickly leaping upon within a starlit sky. Some distance away, Elanthia spins lazily into view, but your vision focuses on a large, crystalline object – the comet Zelkaes. Moving within this silent display, you drift over the surface of Grazhir, pausing as you gaze up into the comet and realize how frighteningly close it is. You shut your eyes, bracing for the impact — but when it fails to come, you open them to gaze upon normal reality."

"Then I felt a changing in the heavens, and that was the first time I turned my eyes towards the sky that day, and I shuddered. I saw the Zelkaes, a comet, and I tell you its too close for comfort. When I looked at it…..

The Zelkaes is plainly visible.

A trail of vaporous, white haze streaks behind the comet Zelkaes as it slowly makes its way across the heavens.

Dim glimmers of white light flicker about the comet, betraying the presence of a thousand shards from its collision with some unknown heavenly body.

"Then it happened, whistling filled our ears and the ground shook as fireballs fell to the earth. As I prepare to sleep this evening it still continues. You can see for yourself. Myself and my newfound companion searched about for a crater or something where the meteorites had fell to the earth. What we found was a large chaoitic pile of rainbow hued crystal shards."

"Joining in the action of the mob for a few everyone pulled a few crystal shards from the pile. I snuck off to safety to find that if you rubbed the shard, it changed color. If you focused on it after changing the color, you’ll be teleported to a pre determined location on Elanthia. The color is what determines the location. They lead to Aesry, Shard, Ratha, even near Theren. Finding out what color did what was most of the fun. All the locations were safe so try it for yourself eh?"

Soluren raises the bottle to his lips and takes a final long swig of wine, quickly draining the contents. "I’ve had enough adventure for the day Baresh," he places the empty bottle down on the counter, "I’ll use this buzz to lull me to sleep." He places three silver pieces on the counter for the bottle and strides towards the door. "Good evening to you Baresh. Lets hope this is the worst the Zelkaes has to offer."


Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.