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Posted by on 2000 Mar 15 |

The Mirror Wraith Has Come Again

(Crossing, Zoluren: 351 Dolefaren 360)

No, Baresh…no drink today. I just came by to leave this report with you. See that it gets to the right hands, thanks.

Report One: A Sense of Foreboding

The Mirror Wraith, that old creature sent by Tezirah to warn and to befuddle has been seen now perhaps at least twice by my reckoning in the last few andu. The first was to the Cleric Guild, and it had but a few words to say at that time. It flickered briefly into being, speaking of the First Deceiver, speaking of the Artisan, speaking that the other deceivers will hear the first’s call…It is from Paschein’s account that I take this sighting.

The second account is from the Guild of Moonmages, where the sad creature made its appearance near the old and destroyed warehouse. I take this report of what the Mirror Wraith said from the account of the Paladin Aknosc al’Divad, who was fortunate in witnessing its appearance in full:

A mirror wraith just arrived.

A mirror wraith shivers.

A mirror wraith gasps as if straining for a breath.

A mirror wraith says, "…ruination…"

A mirror wraith shivers, it’s form becoming transparent briefly.

A mirror wraith says, "…good worthies…"

A mirror wraith says, "…warrior saint…"

A mirror wraith says, "…bone-yard…"

A mirror wraith says, "…reflected moons…"

A mirror wraith shimmers, phasing in and out of view.

A mirror wraith says, "…deceivers…"

A mirror wraith says, "…artisan has become his final work…"

A mirror wraith says, "…stars have fallen…"

A mirror wraith says, "…first deceiver is awake…"

A mirror wraith says, "…brethren will hear its call…"

A mirror wraith shimmers unsteadily.

A mirror wraith curls into a ball, flickering.

A mirror wraith says, "…look to what is… what is yet to come…"

A mirror wraith says, "..what has been… what should never be…"

A mirror wraith fades.

What’s worth noting is the present tense used by the Wraith as it refers to specific parts of the Prophecy. The first Deceiver IS awake, the Artisan HAS become the final work, and the stars HAVE fallen. The two lines it spoke at the end appear to be new, although vague. Essentially, a continuance of warning to the people of Elanthia. It seems also evident that the Wraith had to force itself to arrive this time, as though it is injured or being blocked from us.

It appears as though, at last, the Prophecy is beginning to come around again in full. May the Gods help us and guide us.

Andraethu, who many suspect to be the First Deceiver, has not been seen in several andu. The Artisan is not known, for Mortreyu is long dead. Though a Craftsman of metals, Kadzihuks, also considered an artisan, was wandering the world at some point. Unknown his current state.

The Comet Zelkaes also begins its slow fade from our skies, though I have heard tell of a meteor shower recently, too. I will continue to seek information.

By my Hand,

K. Vairson

Baresh pockets the report with a look of concern. He continues polishing the bar, but partakes of one shot of whiskey as he does so.