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Posted by on 2000 Feb 6 |

Troupe of the Four Winds plans Song Circle

(Crossing, Zoluren: 201 Arhat 360)

A young human appears in the doorway, hesitating a moment as she gains her bearings. She walks slowly towards the bar, smiling shyly.

"I have a small piece of news to bring you," she says almost inaudibly. Clearing her throat, she continues.

"I’m Tahatia Euall, I come as a representative of the Troupe of the Four Winds. We are planning A Song Circle," she says as she smiles happily.

Sitting down, she appears to relax. "It is to be held on the 20th of February by the Olde Calendar, at 8pm ET."

"We’re holding it in Luthier’s Performance room," she continues, "I think that it will be more relaxed there, don’t you? I’d like it to be… I think that it is important to have as little pressure for bards as possible, what with stage fright and all. There’ll be no advanced sign-ups either, for the same reason. First come, first served!"

She giggles as she pulls a notebook from her handbag. "Letsee here." She fumbles around for a moment, flipping through pages. "Oh! I almost forgot. If something dastardly should occur on the 20th, we’ve planned to have the Song Circle on February 27th instead."

"Thanks for your patience with me," she winks, gathering her belongings once more. She stands, but lingers at the stool curiously. The moment Baresh turns, she slips a tip onto the bar, quietly heading for the door.

Stopping for a moment, she adds, "Oh, and if you’ll tell people that it will be open to all bards and those just feeling bardly for the evening, I’d really appreciate it! I’m usually usually hanging around the Bard’s Guild if anyone has questions."

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.