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Posted by on 2000 Mar 31 |

An Invitation by Halfing

(Therengia: 14 Akroeg 361)

The energetic hafling Miphek bounces onto the bar and climbs up on a bar stool. Beaming from ear to ear, he waves a silver chased scroll in one hand and carefully sets down a huge caldron he was carrying on the wide, well polished bar.

Almost vibrating with excitement, Miphek says "Baresh, I have a very important announcement from Lord Marlin and Lord Valkrin, you know Lady Galya’s father and her cousin.

Unrolling the ornate scroll Miphek murmurs "Ohhhhh pretty pictures of doves and unicorns and lions," while he ponders the script a moment. Smiling at the hafling Baresh waits patiently. Miphek mouths the words apparently written there, and scratches his head over one of question. Then grinning he says "All right I am ready, here goes."

"To the people of Therenborough, family and dear friends,

I, Lord Marlin Gossett, am honored to announce the upcoming marriage of my daughter, Lady Galya Ilyse, to Holy Warrior Cristoph O’Cantingstone, on April 9th at 10 am Elven time (by the old calendar), in Chadatru’s Chapel, within Theren Keep.

A reception to honor this joyous union of souls, shall be immediately following the ceremony in Telomin Hall. Please join the happy couple for a celebration of the lives they will begin together.

By my hand,

Lord Marlin Gossett Hedeon

Paladin of Therenborough"

Smiling proudly, Miphek slides off the stool and tucks the scroll into the huge caldron he wrestles from atop the bar. Staggering a bit under it’s considerable weight, he grins proudly at Baresh, as he hoists the rotund iron pot.

"All right I have to go now," he says as he dashes off, shouting "I have to go find Lady Galya a neat pirate hat for the party!"