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Posted by on 2000 Jun 11 |

Council Secrets Revealed–or soon to be…

(Crossing, Zoluren: 304 Skullcleaver 361)

Adorned in a longcoat the color of twilight, a mage strolls to the bar.

"Evening Baresh…I come with some unexpected news." The mage says in a tired voice. Baresh looks to him with an up-raised eye.

"Jes remember, this is how I recollected the story, me sure I left out some details or two…Let me start from the beginning…

"We all know the moon mage council is hiding things, and the bone dancer Lasarhhtha is out to prove it. Well, today he got an idea," He says with a wry smile. Pulling his own flask of frostwynne from his side, he breaks the drink.

"Well, anyway, it started at the watchers corner. He asked a few of us to get the Y’Shai Guardian posted in the moon mage guild foyer distracted, to leave his spot for a bit. Three of us altogether, we spawned an idea. Something or other about a shadowmaster chasing a council member out the west gate…Oh dear, was he ever so stubborn! Took many a moments to convince him finally, and we took leave to tell Lasarhhtha."

Takes a sip of his frostwynne, noticing a croud beginning to form. "Anyways…we stalked around the building until we got the chamber room of the council…by that time someone had alerted the guardian we were in the building. Lasarhhtha and the group tried desperately to find a switch, anything…and in anger, the bone dancer struck the wall with his staff! Of course, the wall was fake and made of plaster, and it chipped. Soon, everyone began to swing at the wall and a jagged hole appeared. Throwing caution to the wind, we all went through the hole. There was a scramble of course soon after….death spirits inhabited the area we were swimming in." Chortles at himself, as if remembering what happened.

"Ahh yes…..we were in Old Crossing, or Lost Crossing…the sewers of it. Glowing crimson fungus illuminated the passageways as we scrambled to find what the bone dancer was looking for. After many moments, we found traces of people once there, and the bone dancer found his first thing of intrest, I think it was a stone tablet. He quickly reveled in it’s discovery and pocketed the find, edging us to go futher…We seperated, not by choice, but soon met up.

"Our search continued, and we ended up in a collapsed mansion. A complex sigil was imprinted on the floor, its magical potential still there. We found strange twitching plants, and a desk protected by a potent form of magic which encompased anyone who got to close in a writhing mass of shadows, cacooning them to say the least. Soon, we ended up in a library where Lasarhhtha found another intresting piece, a parchment. After that, he told us the secrets would soon be revealed and to follow him."

The mage cracks his neck and guzzles down the rest of the wine. "By this time, we heard word Stavro was on our heels. This, did not settle all to well. We quickly followed the dancer to a debris-choked crevice, digging through it to get down further. We entered a room with claw like marks scarring the walls everywhere. They appeared to be rune-like to me. He left us soon after that, and we ventured on alone, coming across a glove sticking out of a pile of debris. It looked cambrinth, much like the armor of a Y’Shai…and sure did a number on us when we tried to touch it." He laughs to himself, but notices everyone else isn’t and continues.

"Well, anyways, we continued on to a dead end, with these wonderful orbs lighting the way. We thought about going back to search more, but then Stavro appeared. He was not to happy to find out what happened, kicking me to the ground and threatning us all. Soon, the conversation ended with him warning us our names would be given to the council to discuss punishment. He left, and our groups went to find some folks trapped there and I left."

The dark jade-eyed man turns head to leave but sudenly stops. "Oh yes….later, Lasarhhtha indicated he would be in hiding to research the tablet and parchment and would reveal the information and secrets soon. Until then, all we can do is wait…" With that he walks out of the tavern in quite a hurry.