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Posted by on 2000 May 15 |

Daily Prayer Vigils in Crossing Begin

(Crossing, Zoluren: 196th Uthmor 361)

A darkly clad halfling strolls into the bar looking quiet solem. He steps up the the bar and ask’s for a pint of Glythtide’s Favor.

the darkly clad halfling begins to speak, "I tell ya Bareesh faith in the town of crossing seems to be lacking as of late." He takes a sip of his ale

The halfling continues to speak, "All hope is not lost however, a group of concerned citizens have gathered together and have organized some daily prayer vigils to help raise awareness of the gods."

The halfling sets the finished drink back on the bar, and begins to walk out the door. As he reaches the door he turns to Bareesh and says,"Oh yeah I almost forgot, I overheard one of them saying that the vigils are to be held at 2 pm and 10 pm elven time everyday with a sermon occuring on the Friday night vigil. If you could pass word onto all your patrons It would mean alot to both me and those who have worked so hard to ogranize these vigils.

With those final words the halfling strides out the door leaving a small ruby scorpion hanging from the archway.