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Posted by on 2000 Jun 18 |

Encore performance of Sura’s Surprise!

(Zoluren: 333 Dolefaren 361)

Baresh glances up as Domnin walks into the Tavern, a great grin on his face as usual.

"Heyo Baresh!"

"Heya Domnin, what can I do ya for?"

"Well, lesse, I wasn’t planning on drinkin’, but if your gonna twist my arm…" He winks at Baresh and reaches into his pockets, pulling out 2 silver kronars. "Gimme something Elvish." He grins as Baresh pours some brandy, Elven Brandy.

Baresh takes the kronars, and asks Domnin, "So, what brings you ‘ere? Shouldn’t you be singing on ferries fer tips or something?"

Domnin laughs. "Bards? Get tipped? May the gods forbid it! I’ve been ordered, err, maybe beaten savagely into submission is a better phrase," he shows Baresh some wooden spoon marks, "to give ya this…" He hands him a piece of paper.

Baresh looks down at the parchment. It reads:


~~~~Good Citizens of the Crossing~~~~

No, wait, too formal. Heyas Everyone! The Troupe of Deriel is going to put on an encore preformance of Sura’s Surprise on the 3rd of July at 9 PM Elven time. This comedy was preformed for Prince Siorlarn during the first meeting with the Council of Leth Der…err, Dirge. This will be the Troupe’s debute in the Crossing, so come support them! It will be held in the Asemath Acadamy’s Founder’s Theater, and for those of you who can’t manage to stumble in there, some of the preformers will take a group at 8:30 to the Theater from the Town Green Northeast. We’ll try to have refreshments there, but no promises. Also, we may have some suprises, but the only way to know is to show up! We hope to see ya there!


The Troupe of Deriel


Baresh looks up at the bard. "So, is the play any good?"

Domnin replies, "Well, only one way for ya to know for sure, but everyone I’ve talked to liked it." He shrugs. Baresh tacks the paper up over many older announcements. "Hey!" Domnin says, "Make sure you tell everyone that if we are any good, we won’t refuse tips!" Baresh chuckles. Domnin heads out the door, as he leaves, he starts to shout at the top of his lungs, "The Troupe of Deriel is putting on…"

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.