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Posted by on 2000 Apr 3 |

Gathering Together The Few Left.

(Crossing, Zoluren: 26 Akroeg 361)

The door opens just barely, as if of its own accord, and a blast of cold air and a flurry of white snow fly into the room. With the raise of an eyebrow, Baresh curiously ponders over how that happened. Then the door shuts on its own again and a sound can be suddenly heard from behind the bar. Curious, yet paitent, Baresh continues to clean off the bar top and a few glasses when the source of the door’s movements is suddenly present, hauling its tiny body up onto the stool.

Standing on its tip toes just to get its chin over the edge of the bar is what appears to be the shortest of all halflings, standing at just under a foot and a half.

"Are you old enough to be in here boy?" Booms Baresh from across the bar, leaning up on both hands to stare down at the halfling for a halfling, assuming it to be some child that strayed away from his parents. Rolling its colorless eyes, the halfling points to the message board on the wall and then glances back to the barkeep with an arched eyebrow in question.

Chuckling, Baresh nods and replies with, "Sure, go ahead and post your message, but you better make it quick. Some customers don’t take lightly to childern running around in here"

With another roll of its eyes and a shake of its head, the small midget of a halfling dances from barstool to barstool until it reaches the boards at the end. Then trying to find space umongst the help and wanted ads, he grins and finaly tacks up his message written on a tired looking piece of parchement.

Out the door the tiny figure heads as quickly as it came. After he leaves, Baresh glances over the message and smiles to himself, wondering if it will work. On it he reads –


To all the guildless of Elanthia:

The first gathering of the Commoners is being put together. As of yet a place and time are undecided. Currently, speaker positions are open to any qualified who wish to address the gathering on special subjects, ranging from how to advance in the realms as a guildless, choosing ones statistical abbilies, tips for new commmoners to Elanthia, skill importance and just basic living. Come and join all your guldless brethern, enjoy sharing and learning, a joke or two, and stories. And who knows, maybe a few contests might be in the works. For more information on how you can particpate, seek out Fipps.


And back to the regulars Baresh turns his attention, pouring ales and cleaning glasses.