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Posted by on 2000 Apr 2 |

Invasion at Stone Clan

(Stone Clan, Zoluren: 22 Akroeg 361)

Balwinn comes strolling up to the bar, pulling the hood from his cloak. He glances up at the bar quietly, pondering something thoughtfully as the young dwarf climbs apon a stool. "I’ll have a Dwarven Ale Baresh," he says with a happy grunt. "It definately be time to celebrate," he continues as Baresh quickly readies the ale for the young lad. "The dwarves successfully held off wave after wave of S’lai and Elpalzi."

He sips the ale, looks up and says,"It’s a long story, but I’ve got time and a purse to buy all ya’ Dwarven ale." He smiles and looks around for any thieves, after announcing his great wealth.

"Well, it all started early in the night, after the day of fools," he ponders, tugging at his beard, then continues, "Galahant, Shimmermist and I were hunting in creepers tryin’ ta’ make a small fortune when we saw’d Hegemonic, the Marshal of Stone Clan, perish at the hands of another."

Balwinn pauses to take a great chug of ale, belches, then continues, "Knowing that the death of Hege is not a COMMON occurance, we all lept to our feet and used a nifty little shard acquired somewhere else to return to Crossing. After that we all ran to Stone Clan, knowing that something must be up, we ran as fast as we could, met by several other dwarves that also had the same feelings.

I ran to the clan as fast as my feet allowed, climbing the trail and rock and rubble like an agile mountain goat. Worrclan and I were one of the first to arrived, but the S’lai Warriors and Footsoldiers met us in our tracks. They hissed at me funny, and I knew it was my duty to protect the clan, so I berserked, not caring for a thing in the world but the precious book. Worrclan fought along side of me as we both tore down S’lai after S’lai. It was beautiful, we killed many a’beast when I felt my bloodlust slowing, so I bounded into the clan and into the pierowall to seek refuge and healin’.

Balwinn looks up from a strange barbaric gaze pondering the glory of battle then continues on with his story,"I had barely made it into the door, when I uttered my only word…’Berserked’ as I collapsed onto the floor in a cold fatigued stun, one that all barbarians get after berserkin’.

My fellow dwarves Galahant and Shimmermist patted me on my back and congratulated me that I too protected the clan and the book within’. It was then that I was most proud of my dwarven heritage, and after I could stand up once more, I did. I looked at them both, huffed and puffed in the corner, regaining breath, then I withdrew my scimitar and prepared again for battle.

"As I exited the doors of Stone Clan, I once again saw the many warriors lining the battlefield, with swing after swing they took their foe’s to pieces, protecting the very things they cherished. Both non-kin and kin alike gathered there, which amazed me, as I saw people much taller than me help the dwarves and their cause. It was quite funny, even in battle the dwarves had an ale or beer in their left hands, supplied to us by none other than Vivianne. It was tough fightin’ them, we e’n had guest appearances by Prayk and Darkensi," Balwinn said as he guzzled down the last of the ale.

"There were wave after wave of Elpalzi and S’lai. Good thing not too many people died," Balwinn said, pausing to look at the floor," We handled the waves of attacks alright, but even I died."

Balwinn looks at his tab and realizes he’s drunk 3 whole kegs already so he decides to hurry his tale, "Well, it seems that during the midst of battle a crossbowman or seven took the best of me, and I was the first thing they laid them beaty eyes at. Yes, that’s right Baresh, I was one of the few to fall. I thought it meant that I had failed my clan, but it turns out I sacrificed my life for what I believed in, and Hege died too, which I almost forgot, and he didn’t lose any honor. I guess he knocked some sense into me, yeah, Hegemonic is a good friend of mine, but then again, so are they all. Yeah, we’re a family."

Just then Balwinn get’s an devilish expression, and pulls out five S’lai Crossbows and two S’lai short bows. "It’s all good Baresh, a dwarf always remembers to pay his debts." Balwinn grins, drops a pouch full of silver coins on the bar, picks up a keg of Dwarven ale to go, and exits proudly.