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Posted by on 2000 Apr 27 |

Mage Throws Realms into Winter Once Again

(Wolf Clan, Zoluren: 124 Shorka 361)

A tall, lean Human dressed in the greens and browns of the forest walks into the Tavern, brushing snow off of his cloak as he enters. He silently strides over to the bar, orders a mug of Tolle’s Winter Ale, and begins speaking to Baresh in hushed tones. You casually lean towards him in a not-too-subtle attempt to eavesdrop. This is what you hear:

"Recently, Baresh, a Venerable Adept named Jalerid Haesean came int’ town, holdin’ a silvery white wand that shimmered like no other I’ve ever seen afore. Well, this crazy old man tried t play with the wand’s power lines. While at first he encased a tree in ice, it got worse. The stream of ice crystals from the wand began t’ freeze the whole area into a sheet of ice!

"The wand exploded in Jalerid’s hand and showered everything with ice crystals, causin’ the temperature t’ drop rapidly. T’ add insult t’ injury, Baresh, a dark bank of clouds rolled overhead, a sign of the blizzard soon t follow. By Kuniyo, Baresh, a blizzard durin the month of Lirisa! Needless t say, Elanthia’s been thrown back int’ winter once again. As it turns out, this apprentice stole the wand from his master and had no clue what he was doin. I’d bet a gold kronar or two that this here Jalerid’ll have hell t’ pay once HE finds out!

"With the Zoluren bureaucracy throwin’ a faire soon, it certainly seems that it’ll be an "Ice Festival."

As the Human drains the last of his ale and leaves Baresh a few silvers, he turns to you and smiles knowingly, his grey eyes piercing into you like a hawk’s gaze. Embarrased by your nosiness, you turn away and nurse your beer. When you look up, the Human is gone, leaving as silently as he came in.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.