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Posted by on 2000 Jun 24 |

Remember Sorrow’s true goals

(Crossing, Zoluren: 352 Dolefaren 361)

A tired, haggard-looking dwarf drags into the bar and wearily hoists herself on a stool.

"Dwarven rotgut if you please, Baresh."

Baresh nods and slides the requested drink across the bar.

Towena takes a long draught and visibly relaxes.

"Baresh, I know ye have a way of getting news out, and I want to share me thoughts on the current rumors flying about Lord Sorrow."

"It is said that Sorrow plans a major attack on the city of Riverhaven, and Elanthians are beginning to rally to protect the city. I fear this may well be true, and if so, may will die."

Towena pauses, drinking again of the rotgut.

"However, as awful as such an attack may be, we must remember than Haven is not Sorrow’s true goal. The attack will likely be a diversion, an attempt to pull our forces away from the Book in Stone Clan, as well as the Zaulfang Stones east of Haven. Sorrow must have the Book to release the power of the Stones."

"We cannot empty Crossing and abandon Stone Clan to rush to the defense of Haven. The Book must be protected at all costs. If Sorrow gains it, and then uses it to release the evil of the Zaulfang Stones, his attack on Haven will seem minor compared to what will emerge from the swamp. We will gain nothing but more death."

Towena pauses again, then wobbles slightly on the stool, her eyes half-closing. She awakens with a start.

"That’s about all I had to say for now, Baresh. Thankee for the rotgut."

Towena drops a few coins on the bar, slides down from the stool with a clank, and trudges wearily out the door.

As Baresh gathers the coins and glass, he notices with a start that Towena did not finish her rotgut. The barkeep shakes his head, wondering what kind of worry could be so serious as to cause a dwarf to forget to finish a drink.