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Posted by on 2000 Apr 28 |

Secrets About Sura

(Crossing, Zoluren: 127 Shorka 361)

To begin i have been studying Sura or Lord Sorrow since I came into the realms about 4 months ago.

The information I have learned hasn’t always been very forthcoming about what his intentions are.

As many of you know Sura was ruler who decide to study at the Crystal Hand to become a moon mage.

Sura excelled and shortly was offered a seat on the council, but astonishingly when he went to accept he fainted bleeding from his mouth.

The next information i was able to retrive was the fact that he offered the gift of immortality to the moon mage council and they rejected him. Fearing his power they secretly betrayed him to the Emperor as a sorcerer which was (and is still is) a crime.

When he was confronted by the Emperor at the Court and was told he had to swear allegience to him and be put on trial for socery, he just laughed. He said they had no idea what kind of power he had and then proceded to destroy the city.

Now we meet up with him again with the sorceres Dzree she had taken the other Provinces and was about to take Riverhaven but they had too much time to reinforce their walls. She neede sura’s help.

So she made a deal with him, he agreed.

He alone destroyed most of the city; the defenses and their defenders without stepping foot inside. Then he opened moon gate which the dragon priests came through and killed the rest.

Sura then claimed his price, he wanted the Elpazi and he wanted a fortress built wich was done.

Afterwards many years later he attacked Stone Clan in search of the book, tens of thousands of S’lai and Elpazi attacked the Dwarfs and their defenenders were almost completely crushed. But very few knew that their army’s battle was nothing compared to what was going in the battle of magic

Twelve council members, and someone else, who is unknown, battled Sura, eventfully it has seemed that this battle was a draw but at a great price.

Sura decided to withdraw for the time being and demolished the cave and the road to wait for another oppurtuntiy.

Well that oppurtunity seems now.

We are battling for our souls and we have no idea why. Well let me light that up with my theories.

First, I believe Sura was sick and was dieing that is why he went to look for a way to become immortal.

Second, the betrayal of the moon mage council in his eyes probably pushed him over the edge.

Third, he was probably around watching the events or had direct information on Farn and his company and the Standing Stones.

Fourth, The unknown mage I believe was Farn

Fifth, Zaulfong I believe is an entity not energy, a demon of some sort or being wich consumes pain and fear from what I’ve seen of the vision it has inflicted.

Sixth, we are also being used as a decoy being weakend slowly. Sura can destroy the Crossing himself without anyone of us capable of stoping him. We are the cattle for something I believe.

Seventh, Pryak is capable of sensing the book. He is the one person Sura needs badly. We can not let him fall like Marstan.

Eighth, Remeber if you know anything post it, find me, tell others, do anything get the information out there.

Everyone be safe

From Zernium

The soon to be archmage

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.