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Posted by on 2000 May 24 |

Sorrow shows his ugly face

(Crossing, Zoluren: Arhat 361)

Not many have ever seen Sorrow, in fact some doubt he really exists. Well, hate to tell ya but he does, I’ve seen em with me own eyes.

A few days ago Sorrow made a little stop near the crossing. You really couldn’t miss him he was just standing there. Well anyways, a crowd started to gather, and he made a little speach about how invaders from a far of land would be coming soon. And how soon we would all become part of his empire.

Honestly I think hes a pompous liar, but hey, thats just me. We threw a few choice words at him and he repayed me by setting my blood on fire and exploding my body. Hmm….

He wasn’t there that long and thats about all that happened

Also the latest news on Tigron is that hes in Shard, most likely going after the magi council, but I’ll just have to find out myself….