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Posted by on 2000 Jul 5 |

A reminder for Invasions

(Crossing, Zoluren: 0 Akroeg 362)

There was an invasion today, the first day of the new year as Asketi Rode the skies like a Terror. Asketian Heralds, North Wind Banshees, Asketian Harbingers and something called the Steed all ran through the Crossing.

I had died and was sitting in the Paladin’s Guild and noticed many people asking where there fluffy arzfilt was, or if anyone had seen a bastard sword by the such and such place.

I feel the need to remind people that there is a good chance they will die durning an invasion and take precautions. I died, but when I did I lost a broadsword and oval shield. A loss of around 1 gold Kronar. I heard others complaining about how they lost their 20+ plat bastard sword. People must use cheep weapons durning invasions, so they dont suffer the anguish of losing something they hold dear.

Baresh nods in agreement and adds, "And so they don’t line the pockets of the graverobbing vultures."