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Posted by on 2000 Aug 30 |


(Crossing, Zoluren: 217 Uthmor 362)

Having grown weary of magic, and eager for a new hobby I was very pleased when Aithen introduced me to the thrill of shoplifting. For days I crept in and out of the various stores grabbing whatever treasures I could.

I often escaped the notice of the shopkeeps, but not always, and at first my fines were small, and the humiliation of the stocks did not deter me.

The fact that Gauthus called me a disgrace when I went to the guild barely hindered me, except when I was forced to wait before gaining a circle. I changed my strategy, and limited my shoplifting to times that I had no use for my guild.

Until….I was arrested…dragged in chains from the peaceful Paladin guild, leaving my students to scramble for a new teacher. Thrown crudely into a cell; Colm, Murtoff, and I were confronted by a jailkeeper who was guzzling rum.

Murtoff unwisely marked the jailkeeper and exclaimed, "The jailkeeps empty!" while teasing and provoking the rum reeking thug of a keeper to pound him in the head, wounding and stunning him. He threatened us all with "bigger accidents" if we did not keep quiet, then he kicked an unconscious Murtoff for good measure.


As Murtoff’s head bled, I began to get worried and pace, A drunken jailkeep says, "Ye best be putting yer fanny in a corner and wait yer turn."

At that moment, I began to reflect on my life of crime. For that short-lived rush of thievery I found myself undressed and vunerable in a filthy cell with a violent drunk. Bless Meraud I escaped the proposed hanging and suitably humbled I paid my fines, vowing never to find myself in that position again. Murtoff and Colm survived as well, though I believe Murtoff will return, and find a way cheat at poker or dice with the jailkeeper soon and often.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.