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Posted by on 2000 Jul 14 |

Hyperactive Critters and an Unknown Critter?

(Crossing, Zoluren: 19 Akroeg 362)

I came in the bar just to see what stories I could here. Baresh came over and asked what I would like. I shoke me head and replied, "Nae. Just seein’ what stories ’round. But I have a story meself!" "Oh you do, eh! Well dem drunks might not care but a story is never boring t’ me!’

"I was just getting back from a little ride to and fro Haven. As head ‘cross the bridge headin’ for the Trader’s guild t’ see what was auctioning, it seemed a litte weird. Not as many people were around as usual," I explained.

I continued, "Then I went ‘a searching for where every one was. Thats when I found swarms of critters called Gidiis skawking around and dey wouldn’t stop. I’m an ametuer but I decided to try to see if i could hit ’em with me sling. They just dodged. Then I picked up me stuff and started heading to where ogres and cougars come to see if the young ogres dropped anything."

"That’s when I noticed them. Critters called Ravenous Troll Scavengers were around and many fallen fighters ’round them. From all me hard studying," I cough with somewhat of a laugh in it. I continued, "I never heard of that critter ever before. It was kinda mysterious, them being unknown from sources…" And with that I stood up and walked out of the bar.