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Posted by on 2000 Sep 1 |

New Additions at the Tenderfoot Inn

(Crossing, Zoluren: Uthmor 362)

Hey, Baresh. I was passing through town and happened to stop at the Tenderfoot Inn (you know, that quaint little tavern on the Jadewater grounds) and happened to notice a few more inhabitants than I did before.

First of all, there’s a minstrel playing in the dining room, a pretty Elothean lass who for a moment of your time will explain to newcomer the basics of Elanthian life, guilds, physical attributes and so forth.

And there’s also a spunky new Halfling cook in the kitchen who, with the help his pet goblin Festus will teach you a thing or two about combat. (watch out for Festus, though, he can be a little grumpy from having to do dishes all day.)

All in all, these new additions make for much better education than those cumbersome "HELP" and "ADVICE" pamphlets. Far more friendly too. Could they possibly give the Mentor Society a run for their money?