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Posted by on 2000 Aug 11 |

Rakash Packing ‘Em In

(Wolf Clan, Zoluren: 149 Shorka 362)

A haggard howl rattles of the walls of the tavern, and Baresh turns to see Orrash wearing nothing but the fur Mrrod gave him and a simple loincloth stagger through the door.

"Keep it down, will ya?" the patrons shout at the perpetually grinning Rakash as he appoaches the bar.

"Sorry to disturb you Baresh, but I’m in high spirits tonight".

Baresh chuckles at the keen observation and nods for Orrash to continue.

"A group of Rakash has been gathering weekly at the clearing in the Wolf Clan, seeking to learn about our history and each other. Some among us have recently started to reorganize along traditional Pack lines. Not since our exodus from the homeland years ago have we been able to run as a pack."

Baresh shudders as he ponders the frightening possibility of more like Orrash somewhere in the realms.

‘It’s really a shame, though…" Orrash appears to almost grow serious for the moment it takes him to collect his thoughts. "Most Rakash don’t realize, whether they like it our not, we’re all part of the same pack. If they forgotten that, they might as well not be Rakash at all". As quick as his grin left his face, it returns. "If you see any of my brothers or sisters who look lost, send ’em my way… I’ll remind them what it means to be blessed by Mrrod".

As Orrash clumisly shuffles toward the door, you think you hear him mutter under his breath "The meetings are on Sunday around 4 pm EST"

Baresh asks him to speak up, but his question is lost in the gleeful noise of a Rakash serenading the Black Moon.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.