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Posted by on 2000 Oct 4 |

Reporters Seen Getting News Scoops!

(Crossing, Zoluren: 360 Nissa 362)

Phangor waddles into the bar and climbs upon a stool closest to Baresh.

"Hey Baresh! Gimme a nice glass of taffel juice, and make it snappy, eh?" he says while tossing a shiny platinum coin on the bar.

"I got some news for ya, iffn you wanna listen" Phangor says while grinning.

Baresh hands Phangor his glass of taffelberry juice and replies, "I’m always open to news friend, please do tell."

"Well!" Phangor says, "I was wanderin’ around the Crossing doin’ some business and I was surprised to see a wee lass named Janmaite interrogatin’ a citizen about a recent theft".

"Oh really?" Baresh says, raising his eyebrow.

Phangor nods and exclaims, "Yup! I hung around for a while, listenin’ to what was goin’ on. It didn’t sound too good. Some thief is gonna get his name plastered all over the newspaper. Hah!"

Chuckling, Baresh says, "What newspaper?"

"Oh! You haven’t heard? Well, Jenmaite told me there is a new newspaper formin’, and that a few reports are goin’ around town gettin’ news stories. It sounds like it’s gonna be great! She took a story from me, I’m gonna be a star. A star I tell ya!!" Phangor beams brightly and finishes off his glass of juice.

"Welp, I better go, I got my caravan waitin’ outside. Be on the lookout for Reporter Jenmaite and her friends! I dunno their names, though. See ya around Baresh!" Phangor then waves and scurries out of the room.