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Posted by on 2000 Jul 11 |

Sybina to Talk with Kaldar and Gnome Tribe

(Dirge, Zoluren: 24 Akroeg 362)

Your eyes glance around the tavern as Pureblade enters the tavern, sitting down and dusting off his Crossing Guard cloak. Glancing at the barkeep, he calmly orders some finely aged brandy and after taking a sip, gives a sigh of relief. "Plannin things ain’t as easy as most of them people make it seem, especially if they’re involvin’ those who work for people such as the Prince of Zoluren", he calmly states after having a few more sips of the brandy.

After brushing his hand against his armor, he smiles once again and continues his story in the same calm tone that was expected by you. "The Kaldar and Gnome tribe has decided to start making havens for themselves in all areas of Elanthia. They have traveled from the Gorbesh Fort in Shard, which is being protected by Halfstaff and some other Gnomes and Kaldar, and begun to settle into the Gorbesh Fort outside of Dirge, with the aid of the Mordiaza Council. But that ain’t why I’m so tired today, although that too is quite the task fer the tribe. Peace Keeper Sybina has been granted leave by Prince Sirolarn to visit the Tribe, and speak to them about her life and how she got to the position which she is in now."

Glancing about and checking the notes which he normally carries tucked away in his cloak, Pureblade continues. "Of course, this is to be a meeting for the Kaldar and Gnome tribe, but all are welcome, even if not in the tribe, even if not Kaldar and Gnome. I’m hopin’ people will take this chance bein presented to ’em to listen to the Peace Keeper tell us about her personal past and how she came to where she is, as many do not realize the histories of those who work for Prince Sirolarn. Now if I could only.."

Pureblade’s commentary is cut short as you hear a faint voice coming from his cloak, causing him to rummage through it before pulling out a lustrous shell and lifting it up to his ear. "If you will excuse me, barkeep, but I must be on my way. My fiance, Desmira, is requesting my assistance in something, and I ain’t plannin’ to keep her waitin’" As you see him dart off, one of his loose notes flutters to the floor, and some strange script is scrawled all over it, stating "Saturday the 15th.. 9pm Elanthian Standard Time.. Gorbesh Fort outside of Dirge.. Sybina visiting.. can’t be late.. don’t forget to bring food.. make sure you tell everyone too!"

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.