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Posted by on 2000 Sep 5 |

Vreeland Pryde Disbanded.

(Crossing, Zoluren: Akroeg 362)

A rather large snow white prydaen walks in taking a seat at the bar on the less busy end. "Catmint tea please, Kind sir" He states. "Aye, and make is a double."

Baresh gives him a close inspection, noting the absence of smile, and fills his largest tankard. Baresh tosses in a handful of catmint leaves for a garnish. "Hows the Vreeland Pryde doing, Sir Humm?"

Humm snorts lightly, pays for the tankard with a modest tip, and thanks Baresh for his service while apparently ignoring Baresh’s question. ABout the time that Baresh starts looking around for others things to do, The prydaen paladin raises his head defiantly, the tip of his tail twicthing fast and furious.

Humm finally replies, "Vreeland Pryde is no more. We voted to disband a few weeks back. That’s what I wanted to tell ye, Baresh. I’d have been by sooner, but I hadn’t the heart to say this till now." Humm looks deep into Baresh’s eyes and nods. "Nice tea", Humm says as he takes another large swallow, chewing on the garnish between drinks.

"I’ll still be teaching at the treehouse in the brambles on Wednesday, but its not a pryde event anymore. More like teaching the new kits how to twitch their tails, and how to use their claws well, and of course, history and religion."

Baresh leans a bit closer towards Humm, and softly asks, "Why? What happened?"

Humm shakes his head. That’s not what I came to talk about, friend. Just to announce what is, or should I say… what isn’t."

"By the way, Baresh, you mind making one of these for me to go?" Humm raisees his empty tankard.

"Sure Humm, I can do that, and not only that, but all I"m gonna charge you is one of your famous chesire grins".

Humm gazes westward, pays for the tankard with a modest tip, and thanks Baresh for his service while apparently ignoring Baresh’s generous offer.

"Be well Baresh, ye and y’r staff. Its time I take my leave and reflect on all of this awhile.

Humm starts toward the door quietly with a sorrowful look on his face. He turns, and raises his tea in salutation as he reaches the door. "For Vreeland Pryde".

Humm begins to sing a tradition prydaen song known as "The Wheel Song", turns back to the door, and walks out, singing only to himself it seems.