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Posted by on 2001 Mar 6 |

Bank Scam Double Take

(Crossing, Zoluren: 176 Uthmor 364)

A skinny average height halfling makes his way through the door of the tavern, his eyes covering those gathered as he makes his way to the bar and sits down.

"Good eve my good barkeep,I find you well?"

The barkeep nods slightly, wary of the traveler as all are in these days.

The halfling smiles brightly as he speaks "I believe I have gotten some attention around here name is Bilboe"

The barkeep grunts hostily at the halfling, his eyes growing cold.

"Ah, so you have heard the tale the ‘Tog is spreading have you? Well, perhaps you would like to know the full story, eh?"

The barkeep nods slowly, even more wary of the small patron.

"I remember this day well in fact. I was outside the bank,selling a few of my wares, and this Goreath is trying to sell an Aesfilt blade."

"I offered him a war belt and a paladin cape, just like he has been telling people. Except he neglects to mention the nine platinum kronars that were also part of the deal. I also hear he has been telling people I persuaded him that said cape has pockets. I can see where he got mixed up on this point, so I will not blame him. As we talked, he asked if it had pockets. I told him that it did not, but the cloak that matches said cape does, I am guessing that is where he got confused on that point."

"I also understand that he has been telling people that I told him that the price of said blade dropped to almost nothing.Once agian, I can see where Goreath got a bit mixed up.I did tell him that the blade’s price had dropped, for it has, anyone that has ever tried to sell a semi-rare weapon knows that all weapon prices have dropped due to the increase of forged blades in the market. I did not however tell him that the prices had dropped to almost nothing. The trade I offered him came up to the amount of 25 plat, the current market price for an Aesfilt blade. "

"And after admitting that the market price for said blade is 25 plat, some would ask the question ‘Why ye selling it for 35 when ye just said the market price is 25?’ This question can easily be answered. The selling of wares outside the bank has always been done, since as far as I can remember, and I have yet to find someone out there selling something that wasn’t in it to make money. 35 platinum was my begginning negotiation price. That does not however mean that I sold it for 35, in fact I traded said blade for a set of black leucro-hide leathers, a trade that many said I got ripped on,but oh well, so is life.

"After Goreath asked me how much I was selling for, and I told him, he was very irate. He started screaming at the top of his lungs that I was a crook, that I wasn’t too be trusted, and that I preyed on the young of the land. I understand that he was upset, but this action that he thought was justified, was not. Now this action slandered my name horribly,and as one that sells things often, my earning money depends on my reputation as a fair and reasonable person. With him screaming this every single time I spoke a word, of course I had to do something."

"I asked him to stop many times, but he didn’t, he chose to keep screaming." The halfling sighs lightly as he speaks.

"At last I told him to stop slandering my good name, or I would take action agianst him. He decided to keep yelling, and so I did drag him out the northeast gate. And I did shoot him, three times. And I am not saying that this was the proper course of action, because I’m sure I could have done something else, but given the situation I chose to try and silence him. I know it was not right, and I do ask his forgiveness for my attack on his person."

"I do not however ask his forgiveness for the trade that was made, that was a very fair trade. As for Moonsmasher’s involvement in this, we have already spoken and I will not go into what was said, but I would just like to say that after talking to me, his opinion on the situation has changed, that is all I will say."

"As for me stating that the blade is from a merchant from many many years ago, I did say that. I believed it to be from the web fest, and stated that it was many times, but as one was gracious enough to correct me under calmer circumstances, I learned that it was not from the web fest, but from the later shard fest. I took said correction to heart and stopped claiming it to be from web fest.

"So as for this business with Goreath, I do not believe I have wronged him,and I am sorry if he feels as if I have ripped him off. I am sorry for attacking him, and I am sorry for taking up so much of your time with such a lengthy tale. I do not however, apologize for the trade, for as I have already stated, I believed, and still believe it to be a good one.

The halfling smiles slightly to the barkeep and hands him a gold kronar, saying his farewells and making his way back into the night.