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Posted by on 2001 Mar 8 |

Paladin’s Guild Closes

(Crossing, Zoluren: 184 Uthmor 364)

It was just past the midday, when an armour clad human stepped through the tavern door. He was richly clothed, and a number of the items visible on his person bore the insignia of the Paladin guild. Strong of posture and well built, he glanced briefly around the nearly empty tavern before confidently making his way to the bar.

The Paladin introduced himself to Baresh and asked him about a rare Ilithi wine.. Baresh smiled and nodded. He turned to a rarely opened cabinet in the back and brought forth a aged, dusty wine bottle and filled a glass for the Paladin.

He sipped his wine a few minutes, loosing himself in thought, as Baresh tended to his duties behind the nearly empty bar.

"Something troubling you, friend?", Baresh asked after hearing the man mutter to himself.

The paladin looked up from his wine and smiled slightly in acknowledgement.

"I have just returned from an extended trip to Ilithi.", he said. "Only to find there has been trouble at the Paladin guild."

He took a drink before continuing. "It seems Lord Darius has barred the Crossing guild to all of the guild elders.. Apparently he is upset with something we did.. or did not do."

Baresh nodded. "I had heard something of this."

"I don’t have all of the details yet," the Paladin continued, "but I find it upsetting to be barred from my own home.. apparently because of the errors of others."

"I know there are troublemakers who frequent the guild, but if this is an attempt to rid the guild of them, I think this is the wrong way to do it. Many of those who misbehave while in the guildhall do not even belong to the Paladin’s guild. Those people are still allowed in too, it seems."

"I am also concerned about those new to the guild. The guildhall is a place for knowledge to be shared… Lessons passed from elder to younger."

Baresh gave a nod of acknowledgement as the Paladin continued.

"I know when I was young, I relied heavily upon the knowledge of my elders to find my way in the world. I always knew I could find the answers from my elders within those halls. The Crossing Guildhall is also a place of sanctuary. A safe haven we could turn to in time of need…a place we knew the pickpockets could not practice their arts…"

He paused a moment, thoughtfully.

"But I digress.. I need to seek an audience with Lord Darius to find out exactly why this has happened.. and more importantly, how to re-open the guildhall to all Paladins once more."

"Thank you kindly for the drink, friend Baresh… and well met." The Paladin brought a smile back to his face as he paid Baresh in gold dokoras and firmly clasped his hand in thanks.

Baresh then bid him farewell as the Paladin purposefully strode back out onto the bustling street, a new look of determination on his face.