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Posted by on 2001 Mar 31 |

The Dream Walker

(Therenborough, Therengia: 274 Moliko 364)

A gust of wind blows the door open as Baresh looks up at the Mage whos hood concealshis features.

Baresh asks, "Can I help you?"

In the quiet voice Baresh knows well, "Maybe," was the only reply.

A twinkle forms in the eye of Baresh as he reconizes the voice, "Lirethion?"

The magi nods in agreement Baresh just chuckles saying, "You have created quite a stir old friend."

The quiet voice of the Mage, "Yes it seems I have. I come to set the record straight; Dream Walker is my monocher, yes. Of Importance I am not, a legend most certainly not, and famous, by Eluned I hope not. Yes I spoke that night of wars the War with Lord Sorrow most recent where many lost their Lives and Red Winter. I meant not to excite the Lad."

"I also spoke of a war going on in my Home Lands far out past Aersy but that was a different Story entirely. So I come to set this right. If any wish to know the Rest of my Story they can find me in Theren proper. Tell them to come seek out the Dream Walker and I will talk a bit." With that said he lays two gold coins on the bar and walks back into the night.