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Posted by on 2001 Feb 13 |

The People who Lie

(Crossing, Zoluren: 92 Kalen 364)

A towering Gor’tog male strides in through the bar,a grimace upon those hard visages as he gazes about silently. Upon finding the bar,those powerful legs carry him over to it,settling his frame into a empty stool which creaks beneath the weight.

"Ah,no drinks for me barkeep..just a small tale to tell you." He clears his throat, adding a shake to his head.

"When I was young in the lands, I attended an auction, not too long ago in fact, where I recieved an aesfilt blade, the one that looks like flames you know? Well anyways,it was mostly a gift, for the price of one gold." He sighs.

"Sadly, I needed to sell the blade for I wished to clear my debt to the city and started to tell people in front of the bank that it was for sale…"

"Well, a man by the name of Bilboe told me that he would trade me the blade for a warbelt and a cape, which he pronounced was pocketed. I wished money, but he said it was worth nearly nothing (which I learn later,it’s worth quite a bit in fact.)

"In my young ignorace, I agreed. Well, the cape wasn’t pocketed at all, and the belt he said was worth more than the blade itself wasn’t at all."

"Earlier this day, I found him selling the weapon for 35 plat. I was stunned and asked him about it. He was a snert twoards me saying that is what I get for listening to him and agreeing.

"He then began to proclaim that this blade came from a merchant from many years back, which it didn’t! (Not this one, at least.)

"People confronted him on that aspect, yet he ignored them and continued to sell the weapon. I called him a liar and asked him to stop selling something from a time which it didn’t exist then. He dragged me to the northeast gate, shot me three times with his bow (at the time, I was trying to run back to town.) By this time, my chest was bleeding heavily."

"I made it to the empaths guild,where I informed a friend of mine. He went to the bank, where he confronted this scoundrel, along with Moonsmasher, told him, more or less, not to lie to the peoples again, or attack innocent youths.

"I was told he said he would, which they don’t believe, but will keep an watchful eye upon him."

[Barkeep’s Note: With Moonmasher backing up a request like that, the bum was at least smart enough to agree…]

The Gor’tog stands, ebony flesh glimmering and flexing with muscles, golden oculars fixed upon the barkeep.

"I give warning to all. There are those you can trust. Then there are those you can’t. Be wary, people of Elanthia. Ask for another opinion if you are selling-or buying."

With that,he slides some coins over,hardworked and earned coins,onto the counter, a slight smile offered. "Thanks for listening, Barkeep."

He trudges off into the night,slamming the door behind him as he goes.