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Posted by on 2003 Jun 10 |

A Brief Synopsis of the Children of Kalestraum

(Crossing, Zoluren: 372) The Children of Kalestraum are introduced to our guild through the text of ‘A Study of the Progeny of Tezirah’, by Lorethew Arkelli Feirgetha. A fascinating work that covers the history of Thee Saesordian Cabal and how it eventually gave rise to both the Children and our present day Tezirites (Do not confuse the two, the Tezirites are our allies in this matter, and to the best my knowledge consider the Children to be as great a threat as we). In essence, the Children are accused of being little more than magical terrorists, users of dark sorcery, and bent on the destruction of our guild. Now, being that it is our guild, and being that history supports the presence of the close-lipped, I would suggest this is not the entire story.

Kalestraum was slain during a conflict with the Celestial Compact. Following that, there was a period called the Scouring, led by an inquisitor called ‘The Eye’, which attempted to cover up the actions of the Children and leave no chance of blame upon the guild itself for heresy and dark magics. (source: The Goldcap Lirs) We are nothing if not PR minded.

In more recent times, although the first appearance is not known to me, the Shadebringer Karosti Kalestraum has appeared, bringing with him his assistants. To take a quick detour, let’s go over a brief list of who’s who. (I may very well miss names, this is by no means a complete list):

Karosti Kalestraum
Edantu? (Unsure of rank)
Orvdrue-deceased. (Unsure of rank)
Arteron (deceased)
Logaro (deceased)
At least two more whose names I do not have in current supply.

To their present credit include the attack on Throne City which left Heritage House’s Turtle destroyed, multiple strikes in multiple regions, individual and random attacks on Crossing Citizens, and more recently, a focussed ritual on the Taisgath Obelisk that altered ….something, but clarity on the matter is not to be ours yet.

Up until recently, there has been little or no involvement from the upper echelons of our guild. Guildmasters Tiv and Lomtaun have, however, contributed to the fight against the Scions, Kssarh has as usual spoken grouchily against our opposition. However, the lack of leadership from Grandmaster Taramaine has been the worst blow, drawing criticism from the ex-Councillor, the lady Erzebet Crowther.

At the Taisgath incident, however, Lomtaun and Taramaine made their presence known in a brief, informal meeting after combat. Taramaine made mention of seeking the assistance of seers and prophecy in this matter, and that the meeting would be private, although likely watchable by mirror. When asked what was to be done to help face this menace, he seemed confident of our abilities to handle the foe. When it was pointed out that, frankly, we’ve had a little difficulty so far, our fearless leader had these words of deathless inspiration:

“Try harder.”

Well, time will tell on that score. While there is no evidence to the contrary, Taramaine claims to have little to no real knowledge of the Children and their motives, and the Children themselves have not bothered to inform.

More recently, the Grandmaster’s voice has been heard to echo throughout the Realms, informing us that a time of great danger is coming to us. Scion Ealuik has been witnessed testing what is called a ‘gaharzen artifact’, a deadly instrument of terror.

And even our allies and merchants are not safe. The Bones Seller in Therenborough himself came under fire, and he is now seeking amnesty under the protection of Guild Leader Kssarh.

The Children, we know, seek revenge. They seek the destruction of what they perceive to have been the destruction of their history. Perhaps a seed of this is true. But until answers reveal themselves to us, we cannot know. For all that we are seekers unto mystery, and Children of Prophecy ourselves, we are blind in this matter, and not blessed with Pethian gifts.

May Phelim guide us in these times.

Disclaimer: The information in this document has been written and compiled solely by me, and I claim all responsibility for any errors. As information comes in and demand appears, a revised version of this document may become available.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.