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Posted by on 2003 Sep 25 |

Moon Mages, Bards See and Hear Disturbing Things

(Crossing, 308 Skullcleaver 373)

About a week ago or so, moon mages saw a disturbing vision of cages and a golden-eyed figure.

Days ago, the moon mages received another very disturbing vision and at the same time, bards all over began hearing strange noises in their head. Until the Naga was reawakened by Karovaas, bards really had never heard or sensed things like this, so everyone is taking it very seriously again.According to a moon mage friend of mine, their first vision, the cages, appeared to him as:

“Your vision darkens suddenly, a ringing sound filling your ears as the world goes black. Gradually, a scene fades into view, that of an earthen-walled room lined with rows of cages, each filled with the silent forms of various beasts. Your perspective seems to come from within one of the cages, as cold iron bars surround you on all sides. A sudden motion attracts your attention as a figure turns, cloaked by the dim light, its golden eyes flashing toward you in anger. With a start, the vision vanishes, and you return once again to the present.”
The more recent vision was told to me by Tsaru:
“Strands of the web of fate suddenly unfold before your eyes, carrying your vision down one glistening line. As your inner sight plummets down the web, the strand grows larger and larger until gleaming whiteness is all you can see.”

“After a moment the whiteness fades and you see a shattered cairn surrounded by toppled menhirs in a small mountain valley. Two withered fists suddenly thrust out of the detritus beneath one piece of the cairn”

“You are able to discern a large signet ring on each hand’s gaunt ring finger before the vision passes.”

Pretty much near the same time as this vision of the fists, bards began hearing unusual noises. I heard a cracking hiss, reminiscent of labored wet breathing echoes briefly in my mind. In spite of the torturous effort expressed in the sound, I sensed great malevolence behind it.

That happened several times that day. So edgy we were, we went to ask Silvyrfrost, the Bard Guild Leader in the Crossing, if she knew what it meant.

Silvyrfrost shook her head and muttered something about “Dangerous things rising in the south.” With that she caught herself, glanced at us, and returned to her chores.

Later that night, bards in the Crossing’s Guild Hall witnessed several apprentices crossing the performance hall, talking in whispers. They overheard snatches about several people being missing before they passed out of earshot.

Couple all these things with the renewed assaults by super Fenrae Stalkers on individual bards, and it is very disturbing.

When the Stalker killed me, I could even sense a “faint gurgling chuckle” in my mind. Now, I admit to being a fairly well-behaved corpse, but I was not finding it very funny just then.

The noises the bards heard got worse, some of them so strong that they stunned me! These noises were even more alarming; a tortured shriek assailed my mind. As the agonized wailing reached a crescendo, subtle nuances of sound led me to believe that the voice’s owner has been highly trained in the vocal arts. The desperate cry went on for long moments before fading away, leaving me reeling but whole

Still nervous as more bards are singled out by Fenrae Stalkers for assassination, the noises took on an even more dreadful sound when suddenly my mind was besieged with two jarring, yet somehow complementary sounds. It was difficult to determine which was dominant or preferrable, as the rasping grinding of bone was overlaid with wet gurgling laughter.

I am using all caution, travelling light, and stocking up on favors. None of this bodes well.