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Posted by on 2003 Dec 14 |

Enemies Face Off Against The Crossing, Dirge

(201 Arhat 374)

The sun was still shining when the trouble started in the Crossing proper and out the west gate. Naarg and Bretari were the opening act with trouble in the Crossing, out near Meraud’s Tower, and up the Northern Trade Route.

Ambassador Ketrianna was about to start one of her famed parties with all the Commanders and likely most of the Zoluren Court invited. Unfortunatly, the picnic was in the Wolf Clan clearing. Luckily the Lady Lindryl and her son, Lord Keresyk, were late to the picnic; the picnic was called off when it was clear that there was no sure way to assure their safety.During an impromptu de-briefing after this trouble with the Commanders (and some Lieutenents) who were in town, it became suddenly clear that what we had just experienced was only a prelude.

The main wave of attacks came as Jourok, Grishnok, Velmix, and more of Jourok’s allies moved through the Crossing and up the Northern Trade Route where they made several pitched battles before they were able to retreat into their chosen target: the old Gorbesh Fortress at Dirge.

Zoluren Commanders and forces rallied at points near the Fortress and in Dirge proper trying to keep the enemy out of the Fortress. Many people died to not only direct attacks by enemy forces, but from Velmix’s green fog, chain lightning by our sea-faring Warrior Mage Captains, and boulders being thrown from the walls of the fortress.

Before they could be routed, Jourok and his cronies all fell behind the Fortress walls, and locked themselves in.

Zoluren forces were not going to give up this easily, however. In a brilliant piece of thinking, I believe it was Commander Sammee, gathered a huge group and guided them in through back paths into the fortress proper. There they took lots of both enemy forces and commanders with them before many of our brave Zoluren heroes were struck down. A rescue insued for those, albeit a pretty rocky rescue for a while.

Many people now speculate with the old Gorbesh fortresses occupied in Shard and now Dirge, that it will only be a matter of time before they make a move on the one between Therenborough and Langenfirth.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.