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Posted by on 2003 Oct 22 |

Ferdahl’s Commander Kirew Garotted

(13 Akroeg 374: Shard, Ilithi)

I was visiting with Paschein in the Crossing when suddenly we felt the death of Kirew. Now, Kirew is Ferdahl Kukalaki’s Commander. I am not specifically familiar with how things are organized in Ilithi, but I knew Kirew was frequently seen with the Ferdahl. I know he was given jurisdiction over the unfortunate desertion of an Emerald Knight a few months ago. I know he commands those in the guard, and others.So feeling his death was a pretty surprising thing. A moon mage standing with us quickly used her moonbeams to see where the Commander had died. She found his corpse in one of the Ferdahl’s Gardens, with Ambassador Rayth in attendance.

I held my breath, waiting to see if Lord Blackmoore would be struck down next. The next few roisaen seemed very long to me; but Rayth did not fall. In those long moments, I decided to travel south in case he needed help.

Do not laugh. I was not really thinking. I know I am not much of a guard. But Rayth has been a good friend a long time. So I ran towards the Gondola.

Which I missed, of course.

While standing waiting for it to come back to the north edge and pick us up, I learned a bit more by listening to the gwethdesuan — but certainly not the whole story.

Commander Kirew had been executed, garotted to be specific, by a large cloaked figure who jumped out of the shadows at him. Ambassador Rayth was never threatened. Shard citizens helped to track the assasin down, but I have no further information on what he might look like or if anyone knew his name.

To add more concern to this awful situation, the clerics were unable to attend to Kirew’s spirit for some time, they were prevented by something unfamiliar to them. I know that more than one person agreed with Kithria, when she thought out over the gwethdesuan that it brought to mind the assassination of Prince Belirendrick of Zoluren in the year 360.

I decided as I stood waiting for the Gondola to arrive — which seemed slower than usual — that the folks in Shard would likely have everything in hand. I knew that Rayth was safe, and I knew that there was a manhunt going on. I came back home and told friends what news I had.

Hopefully someone from Shard can fill in the blanks in this news.

But the questions still remain. Why? Why Kirew, and of course, Whom?

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.