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Posted by on 2003 Nov 13 |

Qi’Reshalia Attacked!

(105 Lirisa 374)

Last night, rumors have spread that pirates attacked several islands of the province of Qi. Grishnok, Jourok, and Aedem were seen about and reports confirmed hat Aedem’s group attack Aesry.

Apparently, people claim Aedem made a rush to the primary city of Aesry. News of the Tribunal’s decision on a militia of resident adventurers still has not surfaced, so the citizens of the peaceful isle were caught by utter surprise. Defences at the docks of disorganized adventurers was easily bypassed by Aedem, it seems.
He reached the city, and people have reported him taking a scroll from the library there and doing something to the stones around the lake in the middle of Aesry. Adventurers quickly responded and several attacks were lead. Quite a few failed until Aedem was finally struck down by unconfirmed sources. Pirates and Raiders continued to attack the city for a short while before withdrawing aboard the two ships they came from.

Aesry for one was caught by surprise and barely escaped whatever plan Aedem had for the stones. There were no confirmed accounts of how the guard of Ratha held or any of the other islands, but transmissions say Ratha and possibly other islands were also attacked the very same night as Aesry.

The enemies of Elanthia are getting bolder and have shown their ability to attack the populated islands of Qi.

There have been no reports or transmissions as to whether the mainland was attacked or not.

Baresh started working at the Wren’s Nest when it first opened in 349AL. He’s been hearing the news and pouring drinks ever since then.