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Posted by on 2003 Nov 29 |

Rossman’s Targetted

(165 Uthmor 374)

Jourok and Grishnok, along with Wyren, a Votary of the Children of Kalestraum, fell on the small community of Rossman’s Landing. Many of the most experienced fell before they were able to drive the invading forces off. This is the first time that we know of that a Votary has been allied with our enemies.

People from Riverhaven first caught the news, and some went immediately up to the aid of those in Rossman’s. Before too long, The Crossing heard the news, as well, and some went up to help.In Zoluren, the Commanders and Lieutenants started immediate patrols and watches; wondering if there was going to be another multi-focus attack like there was the other day when enemy forces hit all three provinces at one time.

With the Children of Kalestraum and their Votaries supporting Grishnok, our enemies have gained some significant magical weapons, like those awful spheres, unbend sigils, and anyother number of the usual magic of moon mages; locates, moon gates, and enchanting.

Ungood news, all the way around.